SISTERHOOD SUNDAY with Christine Calder

Written by: Cindy Morrone

Happy New Year’s Eve!! Praying for God’s richest blessings to you and yours!!

Thank you for joining us for our last episode of our Abundant Life video series!! (Stay tuned for our exciting plans for our video series in 2018!!)

I am so thankful for everyone’s testimonies. Each one a different story but the same faithfulness threaded throughout!! Perhaps—right now— you are in the middle of a huge life challenge. We are hoping that in our sharing you will hold onto the hope we find in our faithful God.

Christine Calder and I share the experience of infertility. She has an amazing story and a beautiful family!! Praying blessing as you listen to her sharing. I am so thankful for this woman and her testimony of faith!! Thank you, my friend!!

Sisterhood Sunday Featuring Connie Hubert

Presented by: Cindy Morrone

Happy Sunday!! So glad you could join us for Sisterhood Sundays our Abundant Life video series!! We are pleased to have Connie Hubert share with us the hope of restoration despite difficult situations. She wants us to know that God did take care of her and is praying that we know that God will take care of us! Please feel free to share this video.

Sisterhood Sunday: Abundant Life

Featuring: Cindy Morrone

Fear, hurt, insecurity, devastation, and brokenness described my past. Only recently am I now able to drive down a road that once terrified me. This road brought horrific memories of a night that separated our family forever. Join me today as I share how despite my past, I am now living an Abundant Life!

Welcome to our new season of Sisterhood Sundays!!!! Where others’ stories will be told of how they are now living Abundant Life despite challenging, difficult and even devastating circumstances in their lives.


Have a happy Sunday!

Sisterhood Sunday with Sherry Stahl


Cindy1Featuring Sherry Stahl interviewed by Cindy Morrone

Happy Sunday!! Be inspired as you meet Sherry Stahl, author, blogger and speaker. Sherry has just written a devotional called Soul H2O that will surely bring hope, encouragement and refreshment to our souls. She knows that God’s Word can change us and her devotional is filled with Scripture, along with personal stories and prayer! Listen and realize where her own inspiration comes from and how to fulfill your God given dreams!!


Click HERE to watch the video


Sisterhood Sunday with Greg & Michelle Coulter


Happy Sunday friends!

So excited for this next interview in the Living The Dream series. Meet this incredible couple, Greg and Michelle Coulter, as they share how God has called them to serve as a family in both homeschooling and fostering. Learn of how they make such decisions and how they overcome the challenges.

Be encouraged as you hear their heart motives!



Cindy Morrone, Director of Video Media


How Does An Online Book Study Work?

I have received multiple inquiries this week as we approach the start of our Online Summer Book Study on how a book study like this actually works.

I hope these FAQ’s will help with your questions 🙂

Q: Do I need to commit to certain times?
A: No. Our study is crafted in a way that leaves room for flexibility. We understand that not everyone is available at the same time of the day and we also recognize that most people have a certain time of day that works best for them when working on their spiritual growth (…and maybe even a special place in which to do it in.) We want to encourage you to read the book, participate in discussions and journal any thoughts or revelations that you may have at a time that works best for you.

Q: What do I need in order to participate?
A: You will need the book God Is Able by Priscilla Shirer, the internet and a device to acquire our daily online study material (found on our website:, paper & a pen (for note taking) and a heart that desires spiritual growth.

Q: What are the fees for the Online Book Study?
We are happy to offer you participation in our study at no cost. FREE.

Q: It seems like a lot? What if I fall behind?
A: One of the beautiful things about a study like this is that you can choose to participate in whatever you wish. There will be discussion questions for you to participate in every day right on the website— you can join in whenever you wish, or not at all. There will be some extra fun things in our study group (on Facebook) during the week and we encourage you to join in and make some new friends and get to know the other ladies doing the study— but it is not required. And we have divided the book up into six sections to make studying more manageable for time.

Q: So…how exactly does it work?
A: Every Monday morning at (our website) there will be a teaching post from our Director of Online Book Studies; Doretta Zinck. It is here that Doretta will highlight the week’s reading schedule as well as key points to remember from the chapter(s) being covered. Doretta will also have a few discussion questions at the end of her post to start some dialog within our online community of ladies. Tuesday-Sunday, our regular writers will also be sharing thoughts on that week’s readings and will pose an additional question for contemplation and discussion at the end of their post. In addition to our weekly readings we have a private Facebook study group ( where we will socialize and nurture friendships by means of icebreakers, discussion questions, worshipping together and praying together, to name a few.

I hope that this email helps you better understand what our summer together will look like! If you haven’t signed up for our study yet, I encourage you to do so!

Much love,
Mandy Lawrence-Hill
for Team WAHD



{Sisterhood Sunday} An Interview with Doretta Zinck

Happy Sunday!

Cindy1It’s Cindy here.

It’s time to meet Doretta Zinck our director of Online Book Studies here at We Are His Daughters! You don’t want to miss this interview! Wisdom and encouragement just pours from this lovely lady! She has lead us through one amazing book study already and we are so excited for her to lead our upcoming summer study, God is Able also by Priscilla Shirer. So glad to ‘meet’ with you Doretta!! And congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild; a beautiful baby girl!!


Click HERE to watch the interview!






Good morning, sweet friends!

Many of you journeyed with us for our very first Online Book Study: Fervent by Priscilla Shirer, at the beginning of this year. We so enjoyed getting to know y’all through that journey and are incredibly excited to announce that we will be doing ANOTHER Online Book Study!

Check out this brief video announcement. 🙂

We will have more details for you soon, such as: when and where to register, etc. We hope you will join us!

If you plan to be with us for our Summer 2016 Book Study, would you kindly add a comment to this post saying “I’m in.”

Have a WONDERFUL Sunday, friends!



Sisterhood Sunday: featuring Regan Thompson

Happy Sunday friends!

Are you bursting to use your God-giving gifting and talents but are so occupied with other things they don’t stand a chance? Please join my lovely friend Regan and I on this edition of Sisterhood Sundays! Regan a beautiful homeschooling Mama of 5 precious ones with another on the way shares how at just the right moment God embellished her with an amazing opportunity to be her creative, brilliant self! Whether at home or illustrating for a published book she is Living The Dream!