Trust Me


FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

I don’t have any tattoos. Truthfully I think I would love one but I am not one hundred percent sure. If something is going to be there forever and ever I want to be one hundred percent certain. After all I cannot just scrub it off and make it disappear. I am also kind of a chicken. I am no wimp when it comes to pain but, oh my word I could not sit there for that long being permanently marked for the rest of my life.

I do long for the beauty that I see in some of the tattoos. The art work tells a story. I see the beauty in that and of course, like any art, I can see the beauty in others. Some tattoos are not beautiful at all to me but I guess that goes to prove that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

So all that to say— no tattoos for me. However, this year at any given moment you may have looked at my left arm just below the inside of my wrist and thought you saw one. This year has been a little rough. My husband’s grandmother passed away. School was more than rough for my son. Vacations shortened, and a tug on our hearts to a calling back into the ministry that was not near our current home. There has been a lot of change, including an over 500 mile move, missing dear friends and family and trying to make new friends.

If I told you it has been easy, that would be a lie. As I pressed in closer to God in each and every circumstance (even when I didn’t want to) I kept hearing two sweet words: “Trust Me.” I first heard those words around the middle of February when God asked us to do something that seemed crazy and get back into Student Ministry. When we faithfully and obediently took that first step of faith God was so faithful to us. He showed us that our passion, love, and longing for that ministry was not gone but it was truly our lifestyle.

With that first step of obedience and the first whisper of “Trust Me,” came a new adventure. I was still struggling with all that that meant so I decided instead of a beautiful tattoo reminder I would write it on my wrist. I took a beautiful purple pen and wrote the word trust on my wrist.

I will admit it looked nice and my kids and husband did a double take when they saw it. I needed that reminder right in front of me. When the days got long and decisions, hard decisions, needed to be made I would look at my wrist. Every night as I showered it came off and every morning I would write it again. I did this for a couple weeks and then it got easier. I found myself trusting without it having to look at my wrist. I was trusting God more than ever because of a simple reminder I could see.

Then life got hard again and I starting asking why? Again, while reading my Bible I heard a whisper, “Trust Me.” I wrote trust once again on my wrist and started the journey all over again. It has happened several times this year. So at any given moment it may look I have a tattoo but its just a reminder. A reminder of the mornings that scripture and the Holy Spirit poured truth straight into my heart. A reminder that comes like a gust of wind that I just need to trust His perfect plan.

My trust tattoo, though fake, reminds me of God’s words and reminds me the importance of writing the scripture on my heart.

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your heads and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the door frames of your houses and your gates. Deuteronomy 6:6-9

God’s word is perfect and flawless and no matter what life throws at you or I— scripture breathes life into it. The truth of who God is and who you are is written on every page. So when times get tough you will see trust written on my wrist and I’ll have peace knowing that whatever comes my way God is holding me right in the palm of His hand.

Why don’t you try it and see? I promise God is faithful. Trust me.




FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

I love the way the weather is changing and the leaves are starting to blaze bright read and yellow. I also love how here in the State of Georgia my kiddos get a week off of school for fall break. This week has been super fun and filled with lots of laughs and special moments.

Moments that this busy momma is happy to have. Moments that bring laughter and tears we have laughed so hard. Moments of later bed times, sleeping in late, and a day spent being a tourist in a near by city, Atlanta.

We drove the hour to the busy downtown and parked. With great excitement we headed to the World of Coke, and the Georgia Aquarium. Our first stop was the World of Coke. My three kids loved hearing about the history of their favorite soft drink and excitedly walked into the theatre to watch a short film.

We took our seats and the room got dark, the screen came to life and the music rang throughout. There in the middle of the red Coca Cola logo came the title to this short film. Happiness. The entire short film was moments of happiness. Moments of peoples lives played out for us to see. Real people getting engaged, having surprise Birthday parties, families playing together on a beach, soldiers returning home to their families, real life on the screen.

I wont lie I was crying, I was enjoying each one of these special moments and then on the screen popped up some words. I can not remember exactly word for word but it was something like this, “Life is not about the big events but the moments we spend with each other.” I cried even more because Eric and I had just had that conversation as we rode into our little day trip with our children.

It was as if God was reassuring my heart that the things I felt were true and noble and right. You see our life here on this earth is not about the big events. However, I feel the big events are beautiful and precious and necessary but its the little things in between that matter. Your children running around outside playing and laughing. Holding your husbands hand during a movie. Walking through a tough time with a friend. Laughing so hard with your friends that your guts hurt. Its the moments in between.

As I sat there crying in a two minute film meant to spur on your happiness I was reminded of Jesus’ life. He lived with people. He ate with people. Jesus sat with the sick, lame and hungry. Jesus lived life with his disciples. The twelve that walked closely with him, his disciples, surely they had to laugh so hard their guts hurt. Surely, they had to cry with each other when something happened to the ones they loved. They lived together, laughed together, ate together, and shared all the moments in between the feeding of the five thousands, sermon on the mount, and even Jesus’ death and resurrection.

We see in scripture in the book of John where Jesus shows us how to love each other. Jesus was about to be betrayed, crucified and rise again. He took the opportunity to teach his disciples one more thing and washed their feet. He explains why he did this.

I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. I tell you no servant is greater than his master, nor is a message greater than the one who sent him. Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. John 13:15-17

Jesus loved and lived with his disciples. He served them in the good and the bad. He lived each moment with them. If we follow in his example we truly will be blessed.

We will be blessed by the love we have for each other. We will be blessed with the ability to see the moments and enjoy them. We will be blessed by sharing with others this crazy thing we call life.

Yes life is truly about the moments and not the big things. The big things are fun but the moments we share with each other are truly the sweetest.

Strength Through His Eyes


FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

Have you ever had someone say to you “Well, you should try walking in my shoes?” Maybe you haven’t had someone say that to you but I am sure you have heard the phrase. The phrase simply implies you understand the other person’s specific circumstances.

I am sure you would agree with me that often we should try to do this very thing in our marriage. We should attempt to see life from our spouse’s point of view. I bet you would also agree that a man and a woman view things differently. I am pretty sure I heard a couple, “You’ve got that right”’s from all the way over here. We just see life differently and that’s okay because God made us uniquely different.

With this in mind, I asked my husband if he would help me out on the blog today. Week after week we come together on Wednesday and we talk about life and marriage. Yet, week in and week out they are from my point of view. I write about things that God has whispered to my soul, and lessons I have learned as a woman. I thought it would be fun, and interesting for a change, to get Eric’s point of view.

I asked him one question.

What is your definition of a helpmate?

We have talked on more than one occasion about our role to our husband, but I wondered what he would say. His answer was sweet, comforting and very interesting. Here is what he had to say:

I believe as a husband my role as a helpmate involves many things. My job is to support and encourage you and allow your dreams room to be fulfilled.  It is my job to lead our home biblically and be constant. I want to be there to hold you, comfort you, to be constant and never wavering. I will believe in you, brag on you and help in equipping you with whatever you need. I will shield you and protect you and provide for you. I want to learn more about you everyday. I also think in order for me to be a good help mate I must allow you to see my strengths and my weaknesses.

So after I stopped crying, I pondered all the similarities in our roles as helpmate to one another. I believe the support we lend to each other is the key. I am reminded of a verse in Proverbs:

Proverbs 31:25: Strength and honor are her clothing, and she can laugh at the time to come.

Normally this entire section of the Bible scares me because I often feel less of a women when I read it —but not today. Today taking a look through the eyes of my husband helps me gain a brand new perspective. Maybe, just maybe, the woman in this verse knows that not only because of her love for the Lord but also because of the support from her husband she is able to be all that she can be.

I can be confident of who I am in the Lord and still be virtuous, but when my spouse comes alongside me there in an increase in strength and we are able to laugh at the days to come. With Eric’s love and support and the never-ending love of my Saviour, I can get through anything. It encourages me to see things through my husband’s eyes and not just my own. It brings me comfort and peace to know that this is how God designed our marriages to be— the giving of ourselves to each other. In that giving we look more and more like Jesus and reflect His love to the world.

I pray your husband is your helpmate. I realize not all marriages are in a good place, but please know that there is comfort and safety in the arms of Jesus. If you are married, ask your husband what it means to be your helpmate and take a moment or two to venture in his shoes. I promise it will bring new perspective to your marriage relationship.

Ladies (and a few gentlemen I am sure) it is truly my pleasure to meet with you each week. I pray God has used these words to love on you in some way. Please know that even though we may never meet this side of heaven, I pray for you and hope you know that Jesus loves you more than anything!

The Vineyard Keeper

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

There is this really beautiful hanging basket on my mother- in-law’s porch. It has beautiful pink and white blooms and the stems reach up toward the sun. Lately, however, it hasn’t been so beautiful. It hasn’t rained in awhile and we have neglected to water it. Slowly but surely it has browned and withered and is almost dead.

My sweet six-year-old, who has more of a green thumb than I do, has been watering it every single day. Just a little bit here and there. Slowly it has come back to life. It’s leaves are green now, and in the midst of what seemed like certain death, there is life. The plant’s true beauty is coming back.

This morning after a nice little argument with my husband—yes we have those, we are human, I decided it was time to cut away what was still dead on the plant and allow the good some room to grow. I snipped and cut away anything that had not come back. I thought and thought about what my husband and I talked about.Then something he said really struck me.

Maybe we are going through this because God wants to show us something we need to get rid of so we can do this life together the way He wants us to.

The exact moment I replayed those words in my mind I thought about God being the true gardener. Here I was snipping away the old, dead stems of the plant so it could be what it should be— at the very moment God was pruning away the weeds in my life.

I am the true vine, and my Father is the vineyard keeper. Every branch in Me that does not produce fruit He removes, and He prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce more fruit. John 15:1-2

So simple, yet profound. My husband and I are being pruned. Pruned to be what He has intended us to be. Pruned to bear more fruit for His Kingdom and glory. He removes the dead, lifeless stems that bring nothing.

I will be honest with you— pruning hurts. It hurts to see my flaws, know I are stumbling or lacking in anything. It hurts deeply to disagree as a couple and not be walking in step with each other. I am glad the hanging plant cannot scream out as I often do during the pruning. It is so easy for me to see these times as hard instead of these times as beneficial. However, we must remember it is for a purpose.

By cutting back the plant it will return to its beauty and be even better than before. God is a good God that is pruning you and I to make us even more beautiful. We must keep our eyes focused on him, just as the plant stems reach for the sun. That plant knows where it’s life source comes from and it grows in that direction. We too must not ever forget our life source is found in Jesus and then follow that light.

You and I are beautifully loved children of the most High God and we must never forget He is the good vineyard keeper. Whatever you may be going through in your marriage, relationships, life— He is for you. Maybe this is a time of pruning and you need to stretch your arms up to the Son.

Sweet friend, lean in and allow God to do what only he can do.

The Best You

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

It is still summer and yet like many of you—I am ready for Fall. I am ready for the seasons to change and I am ready for some relief from the hot weather. I can’t wait to see the leaves turn their beautiful shades of yellow and red,and all the wonderful food that comes along with this fun season. However, it’s not quite time yet. There are still a few days of summer left and I will have to wait for fall.

Seasons change and there are so many wonderful things wrapped up in each unique one. Adventures to be had in each season and new things to learn. Life is like that. Wrapped up in each season of life there are adventures and new things to learn. Sometimes, maybe to often, just as I am wishing for the change in the weather; we are wishing away the season of life that we are in.

I find myself in a strange season right now. I would call it the season of busyness. Adjusting after a move, adjusting to a new school for my children and adjusting to a new job for my man. We love it, but we are without a doubt in a season of busy and overwhelmed. A season of looking ahead and at the right now. Planning, dreaming, working, and loving on people.

We are doing good things and we get the chance to do it together. But there is danger in all this busy. We are exhausted— yes, exhausted. The good kind where you know what you are doing is serving a kingdom purpose but we are still tired. We used to joke all the time and say “If we are exhausted let it be because we are focusing on God’s kingdom more than anything.” Little did we know we would actually get to experience it!

The danger comes when we are so tired or busy that we are not the best we can be for ourselves or for each other. We can be a little short and snippy. We can take something the wrong way and assume incorrectly about a situation. Maybe we just don’t talk at all.

The danger is a slow fade into silence, and not living as one in our relationship. We get so wrapped up in our to do list that we forget about what matters. How do we keep ourselves from getting so worn out?


I know, your thinking, “really Melissa, that’s it? I could have told you that myself.” Yes, rest but maybe not the rest your thinking about. This season that we are in right now is hard. Getting a lot of rest is not possible. There is nothing that can come off of “our plate.”

The rest I am talking about comes from Jesus. A sabbath rest. A moment to sit back and relax and see all God is doing in your life. A time to draw away from the busy and see Him. I might not get an entire day to do this, but a couple of hours are fine. Even in the New Testament Jesus would draw away from the crowd and go pray. He would rest and talk with God. If it was good for Jesus who is the Savior of this world, how incredible it it that we too get to experience it. We would be good to follow Jesus’ example and rest.

I find that when I spend and hour or two alone where I reflect, listen, and be still with God it makes me the best me.

Jesus says in Matthew 11:28Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

He will give you all the rest you need —you just need to go to Him. This life you live, the marriage you’re in, the kids you have, your job, all the demands of life can wear you out. But, Jesus can give you rest. He wants you to come to Him, be with Him, and He will make you the best you that you can be.

When you are the best you that you can be it will show in your relationships. I challenge you today to get away, spend some time resting and see how it changes things. Your marriage will not be the best it can be if you are not the best you that you can be. Sweet friend take a break and rest today. Allow God to give you the strength you need to press on. He truly loves you and wants you to be the best you can be.

Living It

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

I have to tell you that Pinterest and I do not get along. I love the ideas, but I also very much dislike that no matter what projects I have pinned —my attempts never come out looking like the picture.


I follow the directions, watch the videos and yet somehow it is still not right. I go to things like Pinterest for help and hope that I can duplicate something that I see and love, but no, it just doesn’t happen that way for me.

Do you ever feel like that in life? You see something you like or desire and want it. You try to get it by duplicating it. You try to figure it out— try to implement a formula and follow it step by step to achieve desired results.

Do you know a couple you really want to be like? You think they have it made, everything appears to be great and you want what they have? So you stalk their social media, watch them in public and hang around them hoping that you will one day be like them? Maybe you don’t do this now, but I am sure at some point in your marriage you have felt that someone else had it better than you.

My husband and I have a couple like that in our life. Yet, we never sought out to be like them. We didn’t really even think we were like them until many, many years after moving out of state. I would love to tell you about them and tell you they never set out to be a Pinterest project. They simply love each other, they love people and they love the church.

God sent Eric and I, right after our wedding, to the most amazing little church in Avondale, LA. We were newlyweds excited about our new marriage and excited about life itself. We visited a friend of Eric’s at church one day and fell in love with their pastor and his wife. We loved them because of how real they were. God connected our hearts together immediately and over time they loved on us deeply. We spent countless nights up late laughing, eating popcorn, and talking. They had children who were small at the time and yet they never let that dictate who they were to us. The Pastor was bi-vocational and she homeschooled while leading the music at the church.

They taught us so much about life, but I don’t think they ever considered that they were teaching us—they just did. Not one time do I think they knew that by living life with us they were helping to shape us into who we are today. You see, my sweet friends, Marc and Kristen shared with us the love of Christ that goes to the least of these. They instilled in us that ministering to people sometimes means big sacrifice. They showed us that it is all about the people.

I did silently want a relationship like theirs. I watched them as they loved each other deeply and cared about one another. They held hands, giggled together and looked at each other with such affection. I now know it is because of the deep love they have for Jesus and the way they so selflessly serve that keeps that spark alive. I also know, because she was always so real with me, that it isn’t easy. That just because it looks happy doesn’t always mean it is. She also always told me it was worth it.

I didn’t have to follow a formula, a recipe or a set of instructions. I just needed to follow Christ. That is how we truly make disciples. We follow hard after Jesus and lead others to him.

They didn’t know that we were watching so close but because of them they have made MANY disciples along the way. Each person we have had the privilege of ministering to they have had a part in it. Each student who we have given our time, opened our home, laughed with endlessly, and talked about the hard stuff with have been touched by them as well.

I pray that when you hear Jesus’ words;

Therefore GO, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.Matthew 28:19

you would be encouraged to live with people and show them the way. Live a life that people want to duplicate and that will bring glory to God. It is truly worth it.

Confession of a Minister’s Wife

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

Each week I come and try to give you a word that the Lord has given me. I pass it on with the hope that you to will be encouraged. This week I feel the Holy Spirit calling me to be very transparent.

I am married to a minister. He has worked with middle and high school students for the entirety of our marriage. He is absolutely called to this—and he  is good at it too. It is our hearts desire to see young people truly love and live for Jesus. We could never imagine doing anything else.

However, it’s hard. Yes, the work is hard, but ministry is hard on our marriage and we have learned MANY tough lessons along the way. This job of ours that is a privilege is 24/7. My husband is constantly on his phone. He is texting students, updating social media, checking an email, or maybe the scores of the baseball game. He gets called out at all hours of the night for anything and everything, and some days he works 16 hours of the day. He has to be very intentional of spending time with me and our children. We often sacrifice our time with him because we know he is doing what God has called him to do.

We have served in a couple of churches and let’s just say for the sake of integrity they were less than ideal. One in particular nearly broke my husband and we felt the Lord calling us to take a step back for the sole purpose of time to heal. God opened the door for him to work as a chaplain and we all got a break. Or so I thought. God orchestrated something that was beautiful. No, it was not beautiful at the time—it was ugly. All the hurt, heart ache, and resentment I felt for him came out in an ugly mess. We had built up wrong thoughts about each other. We had let our experiences at the church tear us apart. Somehow we didn’t even see it while going through it.

I felt like I sacrificed everything so he could do his job. He felt I always told him how to do his job better and acted like he wasn’t good enough to do it. All lies. But, we both believed them. Many hours of intense fellowship came after. Finally at the end of our ropes we talked to a counselor. He told us, “You sound like you have never lived as ONE flesh.

What in the world does that mean? What is means is: we were both going in two different directions. I stuffed what I wanted to say for a time but then eventually exploded on him. He just stuffed. We never took the time to walk as one flesh. We never took the time to really talk, really walk, really see each other for who we were. No, our entire marriage has not been bad and there were many, many good things in between, but the hurt we allowed to fester had to be taken care of and God made sure it was removed.

One flesh is not that hard when you look at it Biblically.

But for Adam no suitable helper was found. SO the LORD God caused man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and closed up the place with flesh. The the LORD God made woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife, and they will become one flesh. Genesis 2:20-24

Adam needed a helper, and us ladies were created to be helpers. God took a rib from man to make woman. So they could be a part of each other. They were not just joined intimately but joined together in everything. Physically, mentally and spiritually acting in one flesh. Moving in the same direction. Doing this requires communication, sacrifice and love above all else.

I know that time was hard on Eric and I but if we did not walk through it—we wouldn’t have been ready for what we are doing now. We love where God has moved us and we love that we are doing ministry again. Yes, it hard but it is so much easier now that we are truly ONE FLESH.

One Thing Remains

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday. My husband and I have been married for thirteen years and I would love to tell you that we celebrated by taking a fancy trip or something but that is not what happened. In fact, I completely forgot.

I was folding laundry four days before our anniversary and my husband asked me “So, what do you want to do this Tuesday?” I said, “I don’t know it’s a Tuesday.” He looked at me and was shocked. Then I remembered our special day, smiled and apologized. Maybe I can get a pass because life has been extremely crazy (like more than normal crazy.) My man was a little shocked that I forgot.

Our move to Georgia has been anything but easy. We were separated for two weeks and then upon my arrival in Louisiana to gather the rest of our things and move it started raining…

…A horrible storm flooded ninety percent of the area our home was in. We watched as the waters rose and our friends evacuated. We were in our home unable to help or get back to our children. When the roads were no longer under water and we were able to leave, we were struck with many emotions. How could we leave when so many still needed help? How could we leave when there was so much to do? …And why, Lord, did you spare our home?

Our emotions and lives have been on hyper-speed for a month now. Maybe it is okay that this girl forgot for a few moments the best day of her life. The day I married my soulmate. Yes, I believe that Eric is the man God wanted just for me. We are perfect together and with each other we are better.

Have you ever gotten like that? Life gets busy, no life gets crazy. You know, more-than-usual busy where changes are happening and you are not sure if out is in, or up is down. Maybe a new job, a new home, a tragedy, a loss of a loved one, or maybe hardship in a relationship? Whatever it may be, life gets crazy and you somehow forget about the good things.

Last week I was so caught up in all that was happening around me that I did just that- I forgot about my anniversary. To be hones,t my anniversary wasn’t the only thing I was forgetting. I was forgetting to take care of him and be there for him. I was so caught up in me, I forgot about him. I forgot to consider what he was going through. He was dealing with the change and tragedy too. And lets just be honest, he is the one getting the new job with all the pressure, stress, joy and fun -not me. Sure I get to go along for the ride and we believe it’s our ministry together but the pressure of it all truly falls on him.

So as I went to bed that night feeling guilty, the Holy Spirit gently reminded me to be still. To sit and remember all the good we have together. God gently reminded me that above all else that the love we have is special. I need to love him first and then worry about my crazy self.

The Holy Spirit also reminded me that Eric was not the only one I was forgetting. I was forgetting to spend time with God. I wasn’t slowing down enough to really spend time with Him. I was not breathing in deep and giving Him my whole heart. After all, He is my first love.

I was reminded through the gentle words of the Spirit that above all else, God loves me. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians came to mind.

And now these three things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

At the end of the day it’s about love. The love God has for us and how we express it to others. Whether it is our husband or the people we meet daily. The greatest thing we can do is love.

When life gets more than we can handle let us not forget to remain in God’s love. Be encouraged, sisters. God can handle whatever your going through.

My Help

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

You ever find yourself in an unexpected place? A place of unfamiliar or a place of, “Oh no! How did I get here?” Or, maybe a place of, “How in the world did all this happen?” Or, maybe just a place of following God in obedience and it does not look anything like you thought it would?

I am sitting in one of those places right now. Literally sitting in a coffee shop, borrowing the wifi and wondering what each new day will bring. Nothing is tragically wrong at all— I am just a little unsure. My family and I are in an unfamiliar place. A place of uncertainty. A place of endless possibility and a complete and total dependence on God.

My husband and I have followed the calling of God and accepted a job as the student ministers at a church in Rome, Georgia. It’s a wonderful feeling to follow God’s will and we know, without a shadow of doubt, that we belong here. We believe God is going to do a great work in us first, then make His name known. You see that unfamiliar “how-is-this-so-feeling” is the place where God gets to do a work in us.

My residence at the moment has the most stunning view. I enjoy sitting on the porch and looking out into the green pasture and over to the hills that are covered with trees. Each morning I get up early and eagerly await the sun to rise over the top of that mountain. I grab my coffee and my Bible and I wait. As the sky turns from dark to light and God paints in beautiful pinks and blues, my heart swells with gratitude. Then just like that the sun peaks over the top and its like I can hear all creation singing “it’s a new day and it’s beautiful.” It truly is beautiful and I am awestruck with wonder and filled to the brim with hope.

Hope that today will be better than yesterday. I smile and remember a verse that is very familiar to me in Psalm. I turn to it, read it, and tuck it away in my heart:

I life my eyes to the hills- where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord the Maker of heaven and earth.
He will not let your foot slip- he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
Psalm 121:1-4

These verses remind me that God is always there. He has me. He is my help. The God that created that beautiful sunrise I get to enjoy each day made me. He planned each day out for me and no matter what life brings He is watching over me.

Hope, that even though I am in Georgia and my husband is in Louisiana wrapping things up— God is with me. Hope, that even though I am more tired than I have ever been, God is not sleeping but caring for me. Watching over me and guiding me everyday. I just need to lift my eyes to the hills and see He is good. A good God who loves me and has good things for me.

Sweet friends, I hope these beautiful words penned in Psalm bring you comfort and hope. To know that no matter what state your marriage is in right now that God is watching you. He is the Maker of heaven and Earth and He is watching over you.

I pray that if you are finding yourself in that place of, “what’s happening here?”, that you remember God wants to do a work in your heart. He longs to make you and your marriage whole. He longs to make himself known in your marriage—and to the world. God wants to take your relationships and turn them into living breathing testimonies of His great name!

So for now I sit and wait. Wait for the sunrise, look to the hills, remember that God is always there and allow myself to soak up every bit of God’s love. Friend, if I could see you I would hug you and tell you, its going to be ok— our God has this!

He is our Help.

{Online Book Study} No Box Required

FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

Have you ever been to a friends house for dinner and it was so amazing that you had to get the recipe before you left? Then you went home cooked it yourself a couple days later and it was NOTHING like your friends! How does that happen? You followed the step by step directions and even used exactly what she used. Yet, it was still not what you were expecting.

I hope for you and me that this journey we have been on through Priscilla Shirer’s God is Able is not like such a recipe. I pray we do not look at this book as a way to follow a step by step guide and get what we want out of it. However, I hope we use the encouragement and the Word of God to move in us and truly see that He is Able.

As we wrap up this study let us not forget that our greatest struggles allow God to move in us, draw people to Him and help us shift our focus from the it we identified at the beginning of the study – to Him. I feel that often we, myself included, try to pack up God in a neat little box. We read what we want and pull out what we think we need. God has never been in a box and we should never put Him there. We cheat ourselves from the many blessings as well as the greatest relationship of our lives by putting him there. Our God is a no box required kind of God.

Let us be encouraged by many who have gone before us and tapped into the power of God and showed us how awesome our God truly is. I cant help but share with you one of my favorite lines in scripture. Let me set up the story for you.

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were some pretty amazing guys. They had been taken from their homes and thrust into a pagan city. They stood their ground and stood up for whom they believed in. God blessed them by making them governors over the king’s territories. One day King Nebuchadnezzar decided to make a huge statue to himself and demanded everyone bow. The boys refused and the king threatened to have them thrown in the furnace. They still refused and said this:

O Nebuchadnezzar we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. But even if he does not, we want you to know. O king, that we will not serve your god or worship the image of gold you have set up.Daniel 3: 16-18

I am sure they were scared to death. Yet, in the face of death they had such confidence. They declared before the king that their God was Able. They were thrown into the furnace that was heated seven times hotter than normal and they were rescued. Jesus showed up in that furnace and they emerged with no burns and did not even smell like smoke. The king was so amazed at what our God did that he praised God. Yes, God used this situation to show Himself to the boys and He got all the glory.

Be encouraged that God can rescue you from whatever fire you are in. He can and will save you. More importantly he wants to work out a miracle in your marriage, your relationships and your heart. Whatever you are going through with your husband he wants you to see Him. He wants you to turn to Him and keep your focus on Him and not your it. He is right there in the fire with us and we can come out of the fire not smelling like the smoke of the situation.

Let’s not put God in a box or write out a step-by-step guide to tapping into God’s power. We have all we need already in us through Christ to face whatever obstacle comes our way. God is able to work a miracle in our marriages and in our hearts if we would let him. God is Able.

EpNow to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to the power that is at work within us to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21