Faith In His Provision

Written by: Christianne Williams

Have you ever watched an infomercial? They go to great lengths to convince you that you NEED what they’re selling.  They make you promises of life improvement just because you can now dice onion, or whatever else you desire, with the slap of your hand.  Easy peasy lemon squeezie.  No more tears.  Wow.  I need that.  But when it arrives you realize that it doesn’t really make that much difference at all and instead you’re avoiding Starbucks because you used a month’s worth of coffee money for the promise of a better life.  I’ve fallen for it.  There was a time when they said “call now!”  and I did!

We’ve had people accost us in front of the local big box store to sell us stuff that promises to buff even the most stubborn scratches out of the paint job on our minivan.  It seems to me that if they really look, not even all that closely, at our ride, the scratches are the least of our concerns.  It’s still a mystery to me how we ended up walking away with enough of that stuff to last us at least the next decade.

Not every promise is real. Not everything you see is actually authentic.

1 Kings 18 gives account of Elijah taking on the prophets of Baal.  The people in those days were giving themselves over to the worship of Baal because Ahab had not only allowed Jezebel to bring her god into the country but he also allowed her to push them as the true gods to be worshipped.  Elijah was alone against 450 prophets of a false god.  He was taking a bold stand.  Elijah had prayed for a drought because the Baal that they worshipped was supposed to supply rain.  If you’re at all interested, reading a bit about the background on that is quite interesting.

So here they were in the middle of a drought, praying for fire to consume the altars they had built with the prepared sacrifices.  Elijah was a good sport and even allowed them to go first.  They pleaded and cried out, but no fire ensued.  By noon, and after all sorts of attempts to get their god to respond, Elijah began taunting them a little.  He encouraged them to cry louder, maybe their god was sleeping.  After everything, there still came no fire.

Then it was Elijah’s turn.  He did better than just leaving the altar dry in the middle of a drought, he encouraged them to soak it with 12 jars of water, making sure it was so sopped that the trench around it was full.  He then asked God for fire to prove He was the one true God, and that he was His servant.  God showed up. He sent fire that not only consumed the sacrifice and altar but also every bit of water surrounding it.  This showed the people whose promise was real.  After that a heavy rain fell and the drought ended, and they knew it wasn’t Baal who sent it.

There will always be people who will try and entice us with false promises of an easier and better way, but like the prophets of Baal proved, it just creates more work, frustration, and unmet expectations.  Only when we turn to the one true, authentic God will find our lives become more peaceful, and although circumstances may not always be easy, the striving will cease.

I’m presently reading a book by Heidi Baker and in it she shares lots of instances when they needed miracles and breakthroughs and the only way they saw them was by resting in God.  There was nothing else they could do.  We need to be like Elijah, submit our request to God and have confidence in His answer, not like the prophets of Baal who even resorted to hurting themselves to gain the ear of their god.  We have God’s ear, we just need to have faith in His provision.


Written by: Christianne Williams

I love routine.  I am quite comfortable when things roll along in the same way they always do, no ripples or waves, just nice, smooth, sailing.  I love the idea of change, fresh starts, new territory to discover, but the actual act of being submersed in it makes me uncomfortable.  I like my comfort zones.  They’re very safe.  But they can also be very barren areas.  I’ve often heard it said if you change nothing, nothing will change.

Comfort zones can also be detrimental to others because when we feel what we’re comfortable with, or used to, is being pushed or challenged we can lash out and leave others wondering what they’ve done wrong.  In actuality it’s a reaction to feeling threatened and is something within us that God wants to work on.

As much as I dislike straying from my comfortable places, like leaving my big comfy chair in the morning to go to work, as I look back over my life I see those journeys as giant seasons of growth.

When our daughter was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, I spent many hours telling God that I wasn’t able to handle such a bad situation.  I was terrified if I’m being honest.  I had three children, all healthy, and this new prospect made all of normal hurdles of motherhood seem incredibly insignificant.  Getting up in the night to feed a hungry baby was nothing in light of the challenges we would face at the end of this pregnancy.  And that was if she survived at all.

We just celebrated her eighth birthday, a lot of water had flowed under that bridge, a lot of shifting from one comfort zone to another, only to be displaced once again by something new.  I had no clue what in the world was going on.  I had no idea at the time that while I was leaving my comfortable place of dwelling that God was increasing my faith, increasing our witness, increasing my confidence in Him but also in my relationship with Him.  He was teaching me to live by faith when all the circumstances were out of my control.

When He called our family out of everything we knew to live in a place far from family and lifelong friends, He had a plan to grow us.  No longer in our comfort zone of ‘home’ He showed me how to rely on Him and not others for comfort and friendship.  When you’re a pastor’s wife and you relocate all the rules change.  What you did before, you may no longer do.  Where you fit before, you no longer fit.  There are days when loneliness sets in you feel sad for what you’ve left behind, you long for the comfort of what you knew.

In these seasons, growing in relationship with Him has always occurred. He always gives direction for the new normal, the new places to fit, the new areas of ministry, and usually it’s different.  It’s a new opportunity to develop skills and gain confidence in new giftings.  I love finding out things about myself I would never had known if we’d never taken steps down a new road.

There awesome, amazing things awaiting as you walk out of your comfortable places.  I love the song Oceans, especially the part that says,

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me.  Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my saviour.”

When we step outside of what we feel we can handle on our own, because that’s basically what a comfort zone is, we allow God to really show us how he’s working in us.  He calls us, and strengthens us, and grows us, and we look back and see how amazing His work in us has been.

A Good Storm

Written by: Christianne Williams

I love a good storm.  Growing up on the Atlantic ocean I can remember lots of tropical storms that would blow up the coast, some leaving destruction in their path, some just clearing the air after a hot spell.  The clouds rolling in, the winds picking up, the rain beginning to fall, and the waves crashing on shore all created a feeling of excitement for me.  I don’t ever remember the devastation that some places have experienced from coastal storms so I was never overly worried and that left room for awe at the display of power that ensued.

I do know, however that many lives were lost in storms, fishermen out trying to make a living caught in the relentless seas.  Towering waves and severe winds threatening to change the lives of all who knew them.  Knowing the danger that awaited but needing the income that the ocean provided.  To these men and their families, the storms brought no consolation.

Two very different perspectives, born from very different experiences.  While I watched safe from the shore, they battled the waves praying they’d see home again.

I’ve discovered prairie storms are much different.  They seem to blow in out of nowhere, fierce, and sometimes when you think they’re over, they come back, just as strong as they began.  In life this kind of storm wears you down.  You have no idea where it came from, you feel like its finally ending but then it knocks you off of your feet again.  Other times  it’s over as quickly as it began.

Similarly, I’ve learned that there are storms that life throws at us and not at others.  I will face things that you won’t, and you will walk through valleys that I will never visit.  While we will all face storms, none of us will weather them the same.  Sure, there may be similarities but we are all different, having come from diverse backgrounds that shape how think, we won’t feel the exact same way.

I remember when we were putting one foot in front of the other, trying to make it through the angriest storm of our lives.  It was hard to hear people on the shore tell us to have more faith,  pray harder, pray less and believe that God was already working it out, and the hardest of all, God is still God.  If you’ve ever gone through a storm you already know God is still God, you know because He’s right there with you, you haven’t forgotten who He is.  What you’re longing for is someone to sit with you, to pray with you and for you, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show you that you’re not alone.

Romans 12:15 says, “Be happy with those who are happy, weep with those who weep.”  We aren’t always meant to give people advice because we don’t always know where they’re coming from, but we are always meant to rejoice with them or mourn with them.  That doesn’t mean getting down in the dumps with them, it means being there for them so that you can help minister to the needs they have.  I can speak from experience that when you face a trauma in your life there are times when you don’t even know how to pray anymore and that’s when you appreciate someone coming alongside and being your voice for awhile.

If you’re going through something now remember that the one who calms the storm is right there with you.  Just as He can calm the storm with a word, He can calm His child with a  word.  Listen for His voice and take refuge while the storm passes.  He created you and knows how you respond, He won’t leave you or forsake you, and He understands every thought you have.  Even if there seems to be no one else in the world interested, He cares for you.



Written by: Christianne Williams

I came home from work to find my house in a mess.  It was one of those messes where you think, “Qui ck, call the cops we’ve been robbed!” But after looking around a bit you realize it was only a ransacking.  I noticed that while I was standing there having what was a close relative to an anxiety attack, everyone else was sitting in the living room.  Quietly.  Eyes fixed on technology.  It became blazingly clear this was an inside job.  I will admit, that after a difficult day, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with all of that, and it may have led to tears.

Was I angry with my children? A bit.  Did I feel like my feelings weren’t being considered?  You bet!  Did I want everyone else to understand how taken for granted I felt?  You wanna believe it!  But do you know what happened?  After I stood there explaining, they all just looked at me, like I was overreacting, and then went about their business.  That didn’t sit well.  If I was insulted before, I was over the top now.  In my head I began to think about all of the times I had selflessly given to them, foregoing things that I really wanted or looked forward to so they could do or have something they really wanted.

This went on for a while.  I was getting resentful, more hurt, and determined that from now on I’d be like Frank Sinatra and do it my way.  You know what?  They started putting things away, cleaning things up, getting out supper.  What was worse, they gave me hugs.  Now what was I to do?  These people who had not moments before had me ready to run for the hills had now melted my heart.  And you know what else?  I was feeling terribly sorry for my attitude toward them.

We are a family.  My children are blessings from the Father.   Parents give selflessly for their kids, we teach them how to love and give selflessly for others.  Their young minds are not focused on the things that make their mama happy, not because they don’t love me, but because they are kids.  We as family work together to make things easier for each other, we give up things sometimes for the benefit of all.  While we are each unique, we lay aside our individualism to become a part of something bigger and better than being alone.  We share in the responsibility and we share in the benefits.

Our kids learn through example and through doing, that by helping each other we get things done faster,  we accomplish more, and we have more time to spend doing things we enjoy.  But, the same responsibility shouldn’t fall on kids as it does on adults.

I love how the family of God works in the same manner.  God has created us as unique beings and yet we were never meant to be on our own.  He created us to work better in a family, using our uniqueness to benefit all.  There’s a huge cry for freedom, not from the things that keep us bound, but from fellowship together.  How can we be separate from each other and still function as the body?  1 Corinthians 12:12 says, “The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body.  So it is with the body of Christ.”

Just as our family experiences, there will be disagreements, disappointments, and hurts, but there will also be joy, excitement, breaking new ground, and victories to share together.  Working though differences and forging ahead, not always agreeing but still loving, so that we can effectively be the Bride of Christ.


Whether We Can Feel His Presence or Not


Written by: Christianne Williams

I remember the day I found out I was going to be a mom for the first time.  It was a day that had been a long time coming and I was elated.  We grew from a family of two to a family of three, adding family members four and five within a few years.  We went about our daily life, enjoying the excitement that three young boys bring to life.  We began our homeschool journey, moved to a new town, and found out we were again going to be blessed with another baby.  This time it was a girl.  But it brought with it one of the most difficult times we had faced as a family thus far, and sent me as a mother into a desert, feeling as though I had been forgotten by God.

“There’s a significant problem with your baby’s heart” are the words that changed our family’s lives forever.  Our baby girl would be born with a defect known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, which means that the left side of her heart was severely underdeveloped and would leave her with only a functioning right side.  This meant we had a decision to make.  We could do nothing and let her go, she wouldn’t last very long.  We could have her put on a transplant list which would mean moving to another province to wait and infant heart which would be a lengthy wait that she was not guaranteed to survive.  We could have her undergo a series of three open heart surgeries that would enable her heart to function with just the right side, although palliative.  At this point, however, we were told that the likelihood of her making it to birth was extremely low because her heart was already in bad shape.

We felt deep in our spirit that God was blessing us with this baby and believed that His will would be done in her life.  It was up to us to trust Him with her.  We dedicated our sons back to God in a service, but now we were actually giving our daughter back to God before she was even born.  Jeremiah 29:11 was on my heart for her from the first day. He knows the plans He has for her. Plans for good and not harm.  Whatever came our way, however long He chose to allow us to have her, we knew He would be with us and that He would use her life and our experience to encourage others.

Our precious daughter did make it to birth.  She had her first open heart surgery at three days old and faced multiple challenges.  We almost lost her a few times and I was a fixture at her bedside for 14 long days as she lay in the PICU fighting for her life.  Seven of those days I could watch her tiny heart beat beneath a thin, clear patch because she was too tiny to close her chest.  It was the worst possible thing I have ever endured.  I watched her, held her tiny hand, and sang You Are My Sunshine and Jesus Loves Me in her ear almost constantly.  I couldn’t bring myself to leave for more than an hour at a time.  For me, I didn’t know if she had any idea that I was there but I needed to be near her just in case.

We went through two more surgeries, that last being in August 2013, and I am happy to say she is a well-adjusted four year old despite living with oxygen saturations of between 75 and 85%.  We see a miracle in our children everyday but when we look at her we are reminded of just how strong our God really is.  She has overcome so much in her short life and I know that God is the one who brought her through.  He used doctors in some instances and chose not to in others.  This experience has stretched me as a mother, it’s allowed me to not only experience the highs but also the lows.  It’s showed me a lot about God’s love and faithfulness to us.

Even when we feel alone, like God has forsaken us, He hasn’t.  His word says He never will.  No matter what valley we go through, what enemy we face, God walks with us.  He is our protector and our shield.  He showed me this clearly not too long ago.  I was feeling alone again, like He wasn’t with me.  In that moment I saw myself sitting by my baby’s hospital bed, holding her tiny hand and singing songs in her ear to try and bring her comfort.  I realized that God is always there, whether we can feel Him or not, holding our hand and singing songs of comfort and peace in our ear.  We grow more in the desert than we ever could on the mountain peak and we see His faithfulness and feel His peace more too.

We still pray for complete healing because we know we serve the God of the impossible!



Written by: Christianne Williams

Have you ever asked God for direction, clarity of an issue, or wisdom, and ended up with a picture in your head that won’t go away?  One that’s vivid and clear, illustrating the issue at hand in perfect detail and giving you the perspective that you need to gain wisdom? That’s how He’s spoken to me for a long time now. I used to question it, but as time has passed, I’ve learned to pay attention to those portraits and the answers they bring.  After all, a picture speaks a thousand  words.

This last week as I was praying He showed me how I’ve been looking at the difficulties in my life.  The saying ‘It never rains but it pours’ has proven true many times; when one thing goes wrong it’s not long before other things follow, almost like a chain reaction.  So it doesn’t surprise me when things compound, and usually  I’m pretty good at handling it all, but every once in a while I find myself in the middle of a pity party.  Those are the parties with an attendance of one, which makes the host or hostess feel more sorry for themselves.

Well, as I was lamenting and making my petition before God, making sure to name every single circumstance where I had felt He wasn’t listening to me, I saw a picture in my mind.  I was sitting on the ground on a beautiful sunny day.  The sky was blue and the few clouds that were in  it were the big, fluffy, white kind that look like cotton.  The sun was shining brightly, birds singing all around.  In my lap I held a pot and I was bent over the pot, looking into it.  The pot held all my concerns, hurts, questions, and negative feelings.  What stood out to me was the fact that my posture of bending over the pot was keeping the sun out, it was like I was trying to keep the pot in darkness.

While I may have been trying to protect what was in my pot, the real fix would have been to let the sun shine on it all, to light it up.  Psalm 18:28 says, “You light a lamp for me.  The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.”  I saw how my posture of protection was actually keeping God from showing me His answers.  What I’ve viewed as keeping myself safe from hurts was actually hindering my ability to surrender everything to Him.  I can’t ask Him to help me if I’m not willing to let Him have what’s in my pot.

Maybe you can see yourself in this; could you be protecting yourself from being hurt again all the while actually keeping God at bay?  Could you be  receiving answers in the form of pictures, or visions, and not really realizing they’re from God?  Wherever you find yourself, I challenge you to look for the different ways God communicates with you and in that receive answers to the questions you hold closest to your heart.


Written by: Christianne Williams

Something that has terrified me since the moment I became a parent happened last week.  My  eldest son wrote and passed the learners test.  Yes,  I now have a student driver.  I’m actually getting off easily  because in the province in which we reside the age to get your learners is fourteen so I could have two and the Lord knows I’m not ready  for that.

About an hour after I received the text from him that he was now legal, and also requesting his first driving lesson, he arrived at my place of employment with his father.  He was wearing his aviator sunglasses, hat turned backwards, jingling the keys, and let’s not forget the huge smile.  My husband was pale faced and I tried to see past his wide eyes and gritted teeth as he said our son was a ‘decent’ driver.

Our first born was overjoyed at his newfound independence, even if it meant his parents were tagging along everywhere he wanted to drive for the next twelve months.  It was also the first time I didn’t hear how uncool our minivan was.  It’s amazing how those things become insignificant when it’s the only mode of transportation that will get you from your learners to your official license.

I’m not sure how it happened but I became the one who was volun-told to accompany this new licensed youth on most trips, and honestly I’m happy about that.  It’s the best we’ve gotten along ever!  It’s great!  I sit in the passenger seat, prattling on about how soon he should stop at stop signs, how he should always remember shoulder checks, and who can forget, “Watch your speed!”  One night last week, instead of turning toward home he turned toward the highway.  I asked him what he was doing and he basically told me he was tired of doing 50km/h and felt he should tackle the highway.

I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit panic stricken at the thought and tried to no avail to get him to reconsider.  Before I knew it we were hurtling down the highway toward Edmonton doing 110km/h.  I honestly had no clue that our van was capable of reaching that speed in so little time.  I held on to my door handle, and smiled, my teeth gritted.  I resisted the urge to grab hold of the wheel to help him out.  The whole experience didn’t last long, he signalled onto the range road that brought us back into town and I looked over at him, proud as I could be.

I realized just how proud I was of him.  He is a confident, and capable young man, and a really good driver I might add!

What does this have to do with anything?  Well, sometimes life feels like we’re hurtling down the highway, going well over the speed limit, no exit in sight.  It feels like our life is in the hands of a new driver, someone who can’t be trusted to read the signs and make the turns.  It seems like things are just out of control, like we’re not even on the right road and there isn’t any where to turn it around.  We dig our nails into the door and smile with gritted teeth, all the while in our head we’re wondering, ‘God where are you in all of this?’

Though we tend to make the primary characters in the biblical story, I am oft compelled to wonder if they ever asked the same question? Abraham while waiting for his promised son? Joseph while in a hole in the ground for two years? Moses while a fugitive on the backside of the desert? The disciples while fighting for the lives in a storm on the sea? Paul when he was beaten and left for dead by his own countrymen? Could it be possible when faced with such “out of control” circumstances, they too wondered? Of course, we have the advantage as Paul Harvey would say, to know the “rest of the story”!


The beautiful thing is, He is the one behind the wheel.  Isaiah reminds us that, “The Lord of hosts has sworn: ‘As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand” and Psalm 118:6 reminds us that, “The Lord is on my side…” Knowing this, the best thing for us to do is not grab hold of the wheel, but give him complete control, allow him to take you down the road, following the right route and making the appropriate turns.  So, relax and enjoy the scenery, chat with Him about the journey, listen to the songs He sings over us, anything but take control.


Written by: Christianne Williams

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give you, I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” John 14:25

I have probably read it a thousand times but never before did I notice, and really get the meaning, do not let. What struck me is that we have a choice to make.  It means that we can decide whether or not we want to be full of peace or to live in fear.

In a movie I watched with my children, they recounted an old proverb about two wolves warring inside of us.  In the proverb, one wolf is good and the other wolf is evil.  Which one wins?  The one you feed. It occurred to me, the same is true with peace and unrest, which one will win?  The one that you’re feeding.  Always.

The Bible tells us “whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things.” (Philippians 4:8) We can choose the way we walk through life by choosing to think on the right things.  Don’t get me wrong, I know there are circumstances in life that can completely overwhelm and frighten us, I’ve been through a few.  But I can also say, that looking back, it was the thought processes I was going through that “fed the wolf”.

Q: How then do we feed the right wolf?

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:6­-7

A: By being in constant communication with the One who grants true peace!

We are to praise Him and thank Him knowing that He’s working on our behalf in a realm we can’t see with our eyes, but He can give us assurance in our hearts.  That’s the feeling of peace that surpasses all understanding.  I’ve known that in some pretty real times.  I remember one night just after my daughter’s first open heart surgery, when she was still very sick. A serious ‘code’ was called for the unit she was in, I was in our room trying to get some sleep, and when I heard that my heart was filled with fear.  I thought for sure that she was the reason for the call, as she had been the previous night, and that we were once again facing the loss of our five- day old baby girl.  I laid down on the bed, completely distraught, and prayed.  I told the Lord my deepest fears, emptied myself of the terror I was feeling, and He replaced it with a beautiful peace, one that I could not have manufactured on my own.  It was a divine exchange.

“I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

His very desire is to give you peace in rest, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, if you make the choice to let Him work.


Written by: Christianne Williams

Philippians 4:11-13 “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.  I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.  I can do all things through him who gives me strength.”

Everyone loves a bargain.  Whether it be clothes, books, or household items, it makes me feel like I’m doing something good.  I recently scored a pair of almost new, brand name sneakers for my daughter, and they made her so happy she abandoned her want for an expensive pair at a shoe store.  Given my love for a deal, I was over the moon when I was hired at a local second hand store.

Putting out new items, seeing people get excited over the things they are finding, makes me happy.  I also get excited about some things that are donated, really it’s tough not to when something matches the color scheme in your kitchen or would fit you perfectly.  The catch is, I can’t shop while I’m working, and there’s only one day that the store is open that I’m not working.  My day off is at the end of the week so usually by the time I have a chance to purchase anything, the things I like are gone.

This last week I was really excited about something that came in, not for me but for my husband and as it was still there late in the day on my last shift I was planning how to be back at opening the next day to buy it.  Well as it happened, shortly before closing, it went home with someone else.  I was deflated.  I began to complain to God, have you ever been there?  When you start to tell him how unfair it is, how much you’re hurt, how utterly let down you feel.  As I stood there, reminding me very much of my seven or ten year old complaining about how the other was being treated far better, it occurred to me.  I didn’t need any of the things my eyes had spied, I could live very well without each and every one.  I also realized that the money I was saving by not buying things I don’t expressly need could go toward a more robust grocery budget.  And groceries are needed regularly  with a family of six, half being growing boys.

I know that thought came from the Father because it surely didn’t come from own mind that was quite bent on self pity.  It made me stop and think, how many times have I allowed my quest for more come before being content with what I already have?  And being discontent leads us into all kinds of trouble, financially, relationally, and spiritually.

When Paul writes to the Philippians and tells them that he’s learned to be content in all things, he knew what it was like to have plenty or be in need. It’s because he’s learned to trust that God knows his needs and will meet them, even if it means he waits a bit longer than he’s expecting.  In fact, Paul continues on in 4:14 to 20, that it was through the generosity of the believers at Philippi who became aware of his “troubles” that God, through them, met his needs.  But regardless of his circumstances, Paul could “do all things”, including being content. When we can stop looking at what we could gain that would make us happier, and it ultimately won’t, and start being happy with what we have, we’ll be less stressed in all areas of our lives.  In fact, Paul tells us that we are not to worry about any situation, but when we pray and are thankful, God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds. Maturing in our faith means allowing ‘things’ we think we need to slip through our hands so that God can put the things into our hands we actually need!


Written by: Christianne Williams

Being injured is no fun.  Having one occur when you’re a teenager, a knee injury to be exact, having surgery on it only to be left with chronic pain on and off for the rest of your days is frustrating.  I’ve lived with recurring incidents for the last 24 years and honestly while I was in school it wasn’t that bad because I didn’t have to stand for long periods but after graduation my first job, and every one since then, has required me to stand, usually on cement floors, for up to eight hours a day.  There are breaks but the majority of the time is on your feet.

As you get older you sometimes get bigger too, if you get my drift, so the last year has  been no good for my situation.  I had a particularly bad flare up that lasted a couple of months and would cause me to lose sleep.  I would have a throbbing pain that was constant but at certain times, usually while I slept, the pain would become stabbing,  which would wake me up, and in the end leave me exhausted by the next day.  In an attempt to feel rested I would take something for the pain but the outcome of that was counter productive.  It took the pain away somewhat but left me feeling sleepy because I can’t handle drugs, and they also bothered my stomach.  So, I was left feeling sore, tired, and overwhelmed.

One day a few weeks ago, as I was on my way to work I was having a difficult time even standing, let alone walking around, and I was feeling pretty discouraged.  As I got out of our vehicle I told my husband how I was feeling, mentioned I didn’t know how I would make it through the entire day, and asked him to pray.  I didn’t think a whole lot more about it I just went through my day, putting one foot in front of the other.  It wasn’t until the end of the day that I realized what had happened.

When my husband picked me up he asked how my day had gone and how my knee was feeling.  I think he had been expecting a call to come get me early in the day.  I know this sounds odd, but until that moment I hadn’t thought at all about it.  The reason was because I couldn’t remember any pain after I’d walked through the door to go into work.  You would think that I would’ve immediately stopped and took note but I actually just moved through the day and was very productive too.

Since that time I’ve had zero pain in my knee!  I have no idea what made that day any more special than any other time I’ve asked God for healing but I know that He did it!  Just because we don’t see results the first time we pray, or the second, or third, or so on, doesn’t mean we should assume He isn’t willing, working, or hearing.   After all, “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).  Keep believing that He’s on it, He’s acting, our job is to have faith in Him even when we don’t understand how He does it.