To Get You Through

Written by: Christianne Williams

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego found themselves in a fiery furnace.

Daniel found himself in a lions den.

Stephen was stoned.

Paul and Silas were imprisoned.

If you find yourself in the middle of a crisis and God hasn’t delivered you, that doesn’t mean you’ve been abandoned and it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path either.

For a long time I believed that if something seemed extremely hard or uncomfortable it was for one of two reasons – God was mad and me and was letting me go it alone or I hadn’t heard Him correctly and gotten on the wrong road.

A few years ago we purchased a GPS in anticipation of  a road trip I was taking without my husband.  It worked perfectly until I crossed the border into a neighboring province and the machine became completely unaware of where we were or how we were getting there.  As it “rerouted” for almost an hour, I kept driving straight, slightly annoyed and slightly scared that I had done something wrong.  Had I been so taken up with this piece of technology to give me directions that I had failed to see a road sign?

At this point I was very aware of my surroundings, desperately looking for something to confirm I was still on the right road.  Eventually my intelligent assistant, who has since been referred to as Dumb-Dumb, emerged from the fog and resumed its job of giving me useful directions.  Did my time spent in silence mean I was travelling the wrong road?  No, in this case it was undependable tech, but it’s good to note that just because it feels like God is being silent it doesn’t mean we’re going the wrong way. Perhaps we’ve just become unaware of the signs.  Keep going.

And an easy ride?  That seldom happens in life and in my experience, especially recently, things can become extremely difficult but you can still be sure you’re in the will of a good Father.  This current mountain my family is climbing is where God has brought truth about deliverance.  When the time is right it will be, until then I’ll work on building character and faith.

The three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace weren’t doing anything wrong, they were obeying God but the enemy raged against them.  They had to endure the persecution, but in the fire God was there with them and they emerged with not even the smell of smoke.

Daniel was determined to obey his God even though he knew the consequences wouldn’t be easy.  God didn’t keep him from spending some time in a den of hungry lions, but He did protect him from them.

Stephen was stoned for his proclamation of the resurrection of Jesus but yet God received him.

Paul and Silas were imprisoned for doing the work God had called them to but even while they were held captive they praised and they were released through that.

All were in the will of father God yet the road wasn’t easy and the route wasn’t always clear.  The one constant was the faithfulness of God to deliver them in His time and leave them with increased faith in what He was accomplishing through them.

No matter what situation you find yourself in trust in the faithfulness of your heavenly Father to get you through.