What Do You Hate?

Written by: Conny Varga

I’m serious. What is something you absolutely cannot stand? I’m not talking about a hatred for broccoli, or the dog that keeps leaving “presents” on your front lawn. I’m talking about a deep, passionate, burning feeling against an injustice, an evil in this world. A deep sadness over a situation or condition.

The answer will be different for everyone. You may hate illiteracy among the poor, while your spouse is passionate about the appalling housing conditions one block over from your place. Your friend may have some sad and angry words to say about the killing of millions of unborn babies, while your neighbour will rant about the lack of clean water in India. The lady at the grocery store is mad about the indifference and disrespect in today’s younger generations, and the pastor at your church might despair over the dwindling zeal in the Body of Christ.

The point is, everyone of us knows of at least one thing that gets us going, drives our blood pressure up, or makes our stomachs turn. What is it for you? And why do you think it is in you?

I believe God placed these passions within us so that He can use us to do His will in this world. When Jesus lived among us, He became angry or distressed over the evil that had worked its way into this world through the fall of Adam. He angrily threw the money changers out of the temple. When His friend Lazarus died, Jesus wept. Looking at Jerusalem, Jesus wept. He wept because the perfect world that God had created, a world with no evil, with people who joyfully obeyed Him, where there was no sickness and death, no sorrow or weeping, had been destroyed.

Jesus came to restore creation back into harmony with its Creator. God is a God of restoration, and just like He hates the sin and injustice in this world, He placed within each of us a passion about some evil, some injustice, something that’s just not right. When Jesus went back to the Father at the end of His ministry, He charged us as His followers to finish the work that He had begun.

So, let me ask you again, what is it for you? Once you have identified it, don’t try to bottle it up or ignore it. Instead, allow it to motivate you to action. Find out more about it, and whether there are people or organizations who feel the same as you. Is there any way you can raise awareness, raise funds, or go and help personally? Where does God speak about this matter in His Word? Let me assure you, if it is an evil in this world, you will find it somewhere in His Word.

Here is the kicker! As you arise with God and stand in the gap for whatever it is you are passionate about, you will discover what you truly love. Your hatred for something will inevitably reveal your love for something. Let me give you an example: You may hate how ignorant some people are about God-pleasing financial stewardship, and so you educate yourself as much as you can, and then you go and help others turn their money management around to honour God with their choices. In the process you realize that you love teaching others, or that you love seeing others succeed, or that you love seeing the “lightbulb go on”. And this love will motivate you do more, give more, and dedicate your life to the cause of restoring harmony with the Creator.

Let’s all take a time-out and reflect on the passions God has given us. And then let’s act, knowing that He is there with us, helping us in this mission of restoration. Let’s get angry, and let’s get going!