When You Have The Power To Do Something

Written by: Conny Varga

Have you seen pictures of Red Cross nurses caring for victims of war or POWs? Maybe photos of Red Cross teams providing disaster relief or distributing care packages? The images make a striking statement: no matter what race, culture, nationality or status, people can find themselves in crisis situations and desperate need. No matter what their background, people should be given the respect and right to receive help when needed. And no matter what, those of us who can help, have a moral obligation to do so.

Looking around us, are we not spiritually in much the same situation? From God’s perspective, the whole world is in desperate need of help. Every human being who has not surrendered their life to God, is a spiritual POW of Satan, bound and living in dire conditions. Countless precious people live in the poorest, dirtiest, and most desperate situations, and they need help. Violence creates victims of children and the vulnerable. The world is in chaos, created by none other than God’s arch enemy himself, who is waging the deadliest, most devastating and costly war our world has ever seen. People are wasting away all around us, their lives chained and held captive by unseen forces. Sure, they might look fine on the outside, but let’s not fool ourselves – anyone who has not received Jesus as their Saviour is in great danger and in desperate need of help.

Jesus made a great mission statement at the outset of His ministry. In Luke 4:18-19, He announces:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,

    because He has anointed me

    to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners

    and recovery of sight for the blind,

to set the oppressed free,

    to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Jesus was the founder of the true “Red Cross” mission, showing us by His example what our lives should be all about. And He placed an exclamation mark behind it all by dying a cruel death, on a blood-stained Red Cross, to rescue all of humanity and to empower us to join in His mission.

Are we not all called to be nurses and helpers, providers and rescuers? We are to go out into the war-torn world, holding high the Blood-Red Cross of Jesus, proclaiming freedom for the prisoners, good news to the poor, and healing for the wounded.

I’ve heard the quote:

“It’s wrong to do nothing, when you have the power to do something”.

That stuck with me. All too often, however, I find myself lost in my own world, busily running the rat race, ignoring the plight of the people I meet on a daily basis, or those in far-away countries. I forget that behind each face, there is an immortal soul that needs a Saviour. I forget that I have a mission.

May we see the world around us with new eyes. May God open our eyes to the invisible forces of principalities and powers that are at work among humanity (Eph 6:12), and may we step out in the power of the Cross, rescuing as many as possible, giving aid to all who need it, and living out the mission that our Saviour charged us with.

The world can be a better place if all of us Christians take our eyes off ourselves and our own comfort and start living like we are the followers of Christ, walking in His footsteps, bringing His Red Cross to the world. No matter what race, culture, nationality or status, people need help, and it is our mission, our obligation, our privilege to do so. Lift up the Cross, people of God, and bring hope and light into the darkness!