A Good Storm

Written by: Christianne Williams

I love a good storm.  Growing up on the Atlantic ocean I can remember lots of tropical storms that would blow up the coast, some leaving destruction in their path, some just clearing the air after a hot spell.  The clouds rolling in, the winds picking up, the rain beginning to fall, and the waves crashing on shore all created a feeling of excitement for me.  I don’t ever remember the devastation that some places have experienced from coastal storms so I was never overly worried and that left room for awe at the display of power that ensued.

I do know, however that many lives were lost in storms, fishermen out trying to make a living caught in the relentless seas.  Towering waves and severe winds threatening to change the lives of all who knew them.  Knowing the danger that awaited but needing the income that the ocean provided.  To these men and their families, the storms brought no consolation.

Two very different perspectives, born from very different experiences.  While I watched safe from the shore, they battled the waves praying they’d see home again.

I’ve discovered prairie storms are much different.  They seem to blow in out of nowhere, fierce, and sometimes when you think they’re over, they come back, just as strong as they began.  In life this kind of storm wears you down.  You have no idea where it came from, you feel like its finally ending but then it knocks you off of your feet again.  Other times  it’s over as quickly as it began.

Similarly, I’ve learned that there are storms that life throws at us and not at others.  I will face things that you won’t, and you will walk through valleys that I will never visit.  While we will all face storms, none of us will weather them the same.  Sure, there may be similarities but we are all different, having come from diverse backgrounds that shape how think, we won’t feel the exact same way.

I remember when we were putting one foot in front of the other, trying to make it through the angriest storm of our lives.  It was hard to hear people on the shore tell us to have more faith,  pray harder, pray less and believe that God was already working it out, and the hardest of all, God is still God.  If you’ve ever gone through a storm you already know God is still God, you know because He’s right there with you, you haven’t forgotten who He is.  What you’re longing for is someone to sit with you, to pray with you and for you, to be the hands and feet of Jesus and show you that you’re not alone.

Romans 12:15 says, “Be happy with those who are happy, weep with those who weep.”  We aren’t always meant to give people advice because we don’t always know where they’re coming from, but we are always meant to rejoice with them or mourn with them.  That doesn’t mean getting down in the dumps with them, it means being there for them so that you can help minister to the needs they have.  I can speak from experience that when you face a trauma in your life there are times when you don’t even know how to pray anymore and that’s when you appreciate someone coming alongside and being your voice for awhile.

If you’re going through something now remember that the one who calms the storm is right there with you.  Just as He can calm the storm with a word, He can calm His child with a  word.  Listen for His voice and take refuge while the storm passes.  He created you and knows how you respond, He won’t leave you or forsake you, and He understands every thought you have.  Even if there seems to be no one else in the world interested, He cares for you.