Written by: D’Anne Mullin

Daughters, I have a confession to make, one that will not be a huge surprise to those of you who know me well — I absolutely love Netflix!

So much variety in viewing with no commercials. A great escape at the end of a workweek. The indulgence of the famed “Netflix Binge.” A time to spend with the family exploring movies; old and new alike. The chance to sink my teeth into an informative documentary or catch up on my favourite 90’s sitcoms.

I love it all!

I particularly enjoy finding a great series and viewing it full tilt from start to finish. I get so into the stories and characters with intrigue that before I know it I have consumed every season available to me, only to be left bereft when I realize the next season won’t be out for another six months. Six long months! And when the time comes for the new season I have to watch the last few episodes from the prior season just to be ready to go again!

The anticipation builds as the countdown begins for the long awaited day that my beloved series returns! I even supplement this long awaited return with additional web surfing looking for interesting tidbits of information to whet my appetite of its immanent return. If I find someone who equally loves the series as much as I do, we theorize about how the upcoming season will play out.

If you have and love Netflix as I do, you know full well what I am writing about!

I think my confession to you is in direct response to the sermon I heard this past Sunday in church on the soon return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All who listened were challenged to be alert, to anticipate and to be active in watching for the Day of our Lord. In illustration, the Pastor even named our culture’s obsession with Netflix, as I have penned above, to juxtapose the church’s lack of anticipation for His return with our appetite for worldly desires.


I know in my heart that Jesus will return for me, and no doubt I am ready to go with Him, but when have I sat in longing anticipation for that day? When was the last time I uttered the words, “It could be today!” Am I fully alert to the signs pointing to His coming on the clouds for His church? Have I been active in watching for Him and calling all who will hear to watch for Him too? Or have I been too distracted watching “The Crown” or “Food, Inc.” or “Fuller House” to give it any further thought?

In and of itself, Netflix is not bad. Nor is reading fiction or fishing or going to the gym or anything we find pleasure in passing the time with. But, it becomes an issue when it lulls us into a place of false anticipation in temporal things and not in the one thing that ensures our place in eternity with God…Anticipation of the return of our King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Lord Jesus, Please forgive me today for placing my anticipation in the things of this world and not in matters of eternal importance. Help me to wake each morning recognizing that this day may be my last on earth and my first with you in Heaven. Birth in me a renewed anticipation for your victorious return and may I be active in my watching for that day and in my recruiting others to join you. I love you Lord Jesus and may I ever be ready to meet you in the clouds! Amen.