Written by: Christianne Williams

Have you ever asked God for direction, clarity of an issue, or wisdom, and ended up with a picture in your head that won’t go away?  One that’s vivid and clear, illustrating the issue at hand in perfect detail and giving you the perspective that you need to gain wisdom? That’s how He’s spoken to me for a long time now. I used to question it, but as time has passed, I’ve learned to pay attention to those portraits and the answers they bring.  After all, a picture speaks a thousand  words.

This last week as I was praying He showed me how I’ve been looking at the difficulties in my life.  The saying ‘It never rains but it pours’ has proven true many times; when one thing goes wrong it’s not long before other things follow, almost like a chain reaction.  So it doesn’t surprise me when things compound, and usually  I’m pretty good at handling it all, but every once in a while I find myself in the middle of a pity party.  Those are the parties with an attendance of one, which makes the host or hostess feel more sorry for themselves.

Well, as I was lamenting and making my petition before God, making sure to name every single circumstance where I had felt He wasn’t listening to me, I saw a picture in my mind.  I was sitting on the ground on a beautiful sunny day.  The sky was blue and the few clouds that were in  it were the big, fluffy, white kind that look like cotton.  The sun was shining brightly, birds singing all around.  In my lap I held a pot and I was bent over the pot, looking into it.  The pot held all my concerns, hurts, questions, and negative feelings.  What stood out to me was the fact that my posture of bending over the pot was keeping the sun out, it was like I was trying to keep the pot in darkness.

While I may have been trying to protect what was in my pot, the real fix would have been to let the sun shine on it all, to light it up.  Psalm 18:28 says, “You light a lamp for me.  The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.”  I saw how my posture of protection was actually keeping God from showing me His answers.  What I’ve viewed as keeping myself safe from hurts was actually hindering my ability to surrender everything to Him.  I can’t ask Him to help me if I’m not willing to let Him have what’s in my pot.

Maybe you can see yourself in this; could you be protecting yourself from being hurt again all the while actually keeping God at bay?  Could you be  receiving answers in the form of pictures, or visions, and not really realizing they’re from God?  Wherever you find yourself, I challenge you to look for the different ways God communicates with you and in that receive answers to the questions you hold closest to your heart.