Written by: Christianne Williams

Being injured is no fun.  Having one occur when you’re a teenager, a knee injury to be exact, having surgery on it only to be left with chronic pain on and off for the rest of your days is frustrating.  I’ve lived with recurring incidents for the last 24 years and honestly while I was in school it wasn’t that bad because I didn’t have to stand for long periods but after graduation my first job, and every one since then, has required me to stand, usually on cement floors, for up to eight hours a day.  There are breaks but the majority of the time is on your feet.

As you get older you sometimes get bigger too, if you get my drift, so the last year has  been no good for my situation.  I had a particularly bad flare up that lasted a couple of months and would cause me to lose sleep.  I would have a throbbing pain that was constant but at certain times, usually while I slept, the pain would become stabbing,  which would wake me up, and in the end leave me exhausted by the next day.  In an attempt to feel rested I would take something for the pain but the outcome of that was counter productive.  It took the pain away somewhat but left me feeling sleepy because I can’t handle drugs, and they also bothered my stomach.  So, I was left feeling sore, tired, and overwhelmed.

One day a few weeks ago, as I was on my way to work I was having a difficult time even standing, let alone walking around, and I was feeling pretty discouraged.  As I got out of our vehicle I told my husband how I was feeling, mentioned I didn’t know how I would make it through the entire day, and asked him to pray.  I didn’t think a whole lot more about it I just went through my day, putting one foot in front of the other.  It wasn’t until the end of the day that I realized what had happened.

When my husband picked me up he asked how my day had gone and how my knee was feeling.  I think he had been expecting a call to come get me early in the day.  I know this sounds odd, but until that moment I hadn’t thought at all about it.  The reason was because I couldn’t remember any pain after I’d walked through the door to go into work.  You would think that I would’ve immediately stopped and took note but I actually just moved through the day and was very productive too.

Since that time I’ve had zero pain in my knee!  I have no idea what made that day any more special than any other time I’ve asked God for healing but I know that He did it!  Just because we don’t see results the first time we pray, or the second, or third, or so on, doesn’t mean we should assume He isn’t willing, working, or hearing.   After all, “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).  Keep believing that He’s on it, He’s acting, our job is to have faith in Him even when we don’t understand how He does it.