Ask And It Will Be Given

Written by: Christianne Williams

Have you ever had something happen to you that makes angry and sad and not sure what to do?  Something that just seems bad with no way of any good coming from it?  I’m sure like me, there have been many of those times.  We had an episode a week ago.

My oldest is an avid BMX rider and has built his own custom bike using expensive parts that he’s paid for himself.  He’s done a really great job and he takes pride in it.  After he completed his, he bought one for his brother so they could ride together.  I was so happy for him, he went from loving video games by himself, inside, to being active for as much of the day as he could.

He always kept those bikes locked up in the garage but when we moved to a new rental we didn’t have access to the garage and I asked them to keep the bikes outside in the sunporch.  It was, in my mind, safe because their bedroom windows opened into that room I thought that if anyone were to try and steal them, the boys would hear.  My son was not convinced and asked over and over again to be allowed to keep them inside.  I wasn’t trying to be mean or say that his hard work wasn’t valued, there just wasn’t room in the house for them.

Last week I asked the boys to go out and tidy up the sunporch because the weather was warming up and I thought it would be a great place to sit on rainy days in the summer or on days there were lots of bugs. They hadn’t been outside long when one came in and said, “Mom, our bikes are gone.”  At first, I thought that he was joking, as if trying to get me to allow them to keep them inside, but I quickly realized that it was no joke.

I felt sick.  I felt panicked.  I felt responsible.  I felt angry.  I asked God why.  I asked Him why He was allowing something that meant so much to my kids, something they had worked so hard for, to be taken away.  I felt at that moment I should pray.  My oldest and my husband had called the RCMP and had gone to take pictures of the bikes to them so I asked the three kids who were home to join me.  I asked God to work this out for us, I asked that the bikes would be found in plain sight and that nothing would be destroyed on them.  I declared that God would bring back to them what the enemy had stolen, because they are God’s kids and looks out for us.

As we opened our eyes, I noticed my son coming up the driveway with his bike!!  Not one thing had been done to it and he had found it laying a block away on a front lawn.  I was so excited, one down, one to go!  They set out again to look for the second bike.  About half an hour later they arrived home with the other, again in an alley, not at all harmed!  I was so ecstatic, our prayers were answered and very quickly, both bikes being found in plain sight with damage done.

I felt like this was a difficult experience for the boys but it also showed them how God is concerned about them, even the things that we sometimes feel are insignificant.  He was showing them how He wants them to come to Him with their concerns, how He hears immediately, even though one bike was found earlier than the other, they didn’t give up looking for the second, and He did show them where to find them.

I thought about it a lot.  God hears, and He works on our behalf, not always on our time schedule, not always the way we would expect, but He does always answer.  Prayer is conversation with our Father, and it’s important.  It’s not an outdated concept, we’ve not come to some spiritual level where we no longer need this communion with Him.  His word says, ”ask and it will be given,  to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

He answered our prayer and He showed His compassion to our sons.  And the bikes are now kept safely inside.