Monday Is Up To Us!

Written by: Christianne Williams

We’ve observed Good Friday, remembering what sacrifice was made for us and what real love does for us.  We’ve celebrated Resurrection Sunday, proclaiming our Savior’s victory over death.  Now it’s Monday.  Does it end for us here?  Do we take what’s been revealed to us in this holy time and live it out or do we allow the distance that occurs to overtake our joy?

During our Good Friday service, I was overcome with the weight of meaning in the words of a song that was sung.  I know this is a controversial song, “Reckless Love”, and I’ve read articles popular in Christian circles that completely throw it out because God’s love does not fit the definition of “reckless”.  It was a well thought out plan of redemption, knowing in advance the price that would be paid for our freedom.  It wasn’t a decision made in the heat of the moment giving no thought to personal consequences.  Still, the pictures painted in this song are beautiful and real, depicting the lengths God is willing to go to rescue us.

“There’s no shadow You won’t light up

Mountain You won’t climb up

Coming after me.

There’s no wall You won’t kick down

Lie You won’t tear down

Coming after me”

This is what hit me.

Four simple truths to take away.  Have you ever been startled by a shadow? Something is displayed on a wall and it looks huge; you have no idea what it is but whatever it is, it looks like it will over power you.  And then you see that it’s only a small toy, left lying there by one of your children when they were on their way to bed.  Or have you ever made a shadow puppet on the wall?  It’s amazing how much larger your hand looks when placed in front of light and projected on a wall.  God unmasks those shadows in our lives.  He shows them to us for what they really are, not big and overwhelming, but small in comparison to His greatness!

Have you ever tried to climb a mountain?  Jesus did.  He climbed that mountain with a cross on His back, after being beaten and scourged, knowing full well what awaited Him at the top.  He was being spit on, mocked, bruised, etc.  Yet He went.  He climbed that mountain for each and every one of us.  Why would He do that if it wasn’t for love overwhelming?  Why would He make such a sacrifice if He didn’t want to give us a future and hope?

We build walls around ourselves, to keep people out, to keep ourselves from being hurt.  We insulate ourselves so as not to be hurt again.  Sometimes we even take our disillusionment with people and place it on God, building walls to keep Him out.  He wants nothing more that to tear those walls down, to repair what’s behind them and fill us with faith in what can be.

He also wants to take every lie that we’ve listened to, that we’ve taken as truth, and tear them down.  He wants to remove them at their root so we can hear what He’s actually saying to us.  He wants us to hear His amazing plans for our lives and the truth that we really are in Him.

What was the purpose of the cross?  It was to restore us to our Father by bridging the great divide that separated us. The Resurrection? It was to give us the hope that because His lives, in Christ, we also live, now and forever. Monday? That’s up to us! It is my hope that in the light of His “reckless love” demonstrated on the cross and the hope His resurrection brings that we will fully embrace what is to live as the children of God we are.  To trust Him in all things, knowing that His plan was not for nothing, but was born out of the greatest love there is!