For A Moment

Written by: D’Anne Mullin

I love music!  I particularly love worship music!  Hymns and choruses both new and old.  To me a beautifully blended worship set that reaches all generations on a Sunday morning is bliss.  Seeing people touched by the lyrics and notes, moved by the Spirit to act and feel, ministered to with comfort and healing.  Music is so powerful and heavenly song is soothing to the soul.

I love to sing!  I particularly love to sing worship music!  Hymns and choruses both new and old.  To me a beautiful blend of voices in four-part harmony is a gorgeous expression of praise to our Maker.  To clap my hands in celebration, raise my arms in surrender, dance my feet for joy, raise my voice in triumph.  Singing to my Saviour soaks my spirit with the presence of my Father and draws me close to His side.

Over the many centuries of Christendom there have been countless songs written for the church.  In fact, long before the church of Acts 2 was established, music was written by God’s chosen people to exalt His mighty name.  In much of the Old Testament we see passages of scripture filled with references to trumpets and horns and cymbals and flutes and voices, all in praise of the Lord.

Further, the Psalms are filled with the musical expressions and longings of King David himself, as he poured out his very soul before his Creator; expressions and longings we can still relate to today!  The book of Revelation speaks of the eternal nature of our praise and that when we sing we join the hosts of all heaven in exalting the name of Jesus!  Powerful!

It is amazing to ponder that the music of today joins with such a rich tapestry of music weaved throughout millennia.  Our voices blend with all the voices of old, and all the voices to come, in exaltation of the one true God, our Father, our Saviour, our Comforter.  Our songs rise to join with the songs of heaven in exaltation of the One we love.

And to think that in all this music, there are songs written just for you.  Just for me.  Songs that break through the noise and hit us right where we are at, at any given point in time or experience.  It may be a new song introduced at church or a song experienced at a concert.  A lyric that floats to your ears from a child or a line given by God in the middle of the night.  A melody whistled by Grandpa while working in his shop or a tune sung in the amazing acoustics of the shower.

One such song touched my heart this past week.  A song from a CD played several times before on my commute back and forth to work, but not truly heard until now.  It pierced through the clutter in my mind and made its way deep down into my heart.  The lyrics spoke to my current situation and brought me to tears.  The words sung reminded me that, “in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)  I drew great comfort knowing that this situation, this season, would change and from it God would receive all glory and that I would be “OK.”

So, to finish, I would like to share this song, my song, with you and I hope it encourages you today, just as it has encouraged me this week!




“For A Moment”

By:  Elevation Worship

Peace be still you are with me,

In this hope I abide.

Jesus be my sustainer,

Strengthen me in this trial.


And I know, it’s only for a moment,

And everything is working for your glory.

But I need, your perfect love to hold me,

Safe within your promise,

Till the storm has passed.


When this burden is lifted,

I’ll give thanks to your name.

But, until it is finished,

I’ll give praise just the same.


For we have this hope,

As an anchor for our soul.

You are with us,

We will never be alone.