The Bucket List

Written by: D’Anne Mullin

Well, another year has come and gone.  I find it so very hard to believe it is 2018 already!  It feels as though the new millennium sprang upon us just a couple or three years ago, when in fact we are pushing almost 20 years past that point in history.  Time sure does fly when you are having fun; when life happens; when raising kids and paying bills and taking family vacations; when watching sunsets and wandering through nature; when doing ministry and accomplishing things for the kingdom of God.

This new year will mark some big changes for the Mullin family.

Our oldest son, our millennium baby born in January 2000, turns 18 on January 18th.  Kind of neat really; 18 years on the 18th day of the 18th year of this new century.  And with the turning of 18 comes high school graduation in June and off to college in September!  Our youngest son will finish up grade 11 and enter his final year of high school come fall!  The rearrangement of our family nest is starting as our baby chicks prepare to spread their wings and fly away to start their own family nests in the future.

For us 2018 means new driver’s licenses and more insurance, college applications and acceptances, apartment hunting and furniture shopping, teary send offs and exciting mail deliveries.  Carpooling and grad photos, summer work opportunities and volunteer hours, appointments and car sharing, extra-curricular and church responsibilities.  Busy times!  Emotional times!  Fun times!  Memory making times!

The new year is also known as a time for new resolutions; to change what has been done in the past for something new in the future.  Often these resolutions are kept for the first few days of the new year and then are quickly forgotten or drowned out in the craziness of life.  All well intentioned in nature, but so very hard to keep; exhausting really when you think about how much change life represents on its own, let alone adding more change through a resolution here and there.  I have made many resolutions myself in the past, all of which have quickly faded into the background, only to be buried or resurrected the following year in an attempt to be better!

So, this year, given the amount of change we know is coming, and banking on all the unexpected changes we are sure to encounter, I have resolved to not make any resolutions at all.  I choose to celebrate life just as it is presented to me, in all its splendor, with my family!  I don’t have time to fuss over things I want to see changed…things that really don’t mean much in the light of eternity.  Rather, I plan to craft a Bucket List of things I would love to experience with my menfolk before our family nest is forever changed.  To make memories together and accomplish things together that we have longed to do.  A trip to New York City to see all the sights; a mission’s trip to help those less fortunate; inner city work right in our own city; some camping and sight-seeing out west!  These are just a few things on that list!

I challenge you, Daughters, to ditch the resolutions and start a Bucket List of your own.  A list you would like to accomplish before life’s end.  A list of places you would love to go, experiences you would love to have, people you would love to meet, etc., and make that list a reality.  Life is short and time sure flies.  Let’s enjoy every minute with the ones we love and make memories, not worrying about making promises to ourselves we know we just won’t keep.