To Expect With Confidence

Written by: Jody Mugford

If I can be honest, today I am an emotional wreck. Some of you may know that this past year has been the hardest of my family’s life. We welcomed our beautiful, perfect baby girl into the world and sixteen days later we watched the doctors perform chest compressions on her for hours trying to keep her alive. That was fourteen months ago and she is still here with us today! Thank you Jesus! She has overcome indescribable odds but her journey is not yet finished. We continue to pray for healing in many parts of her body, all the while rejoicing in the amazing miracles we have already witnessed. I have been blessed to experience God’s presence and power in ways I had only ever imagined. Many days I am full of faith and hope, confident we will see her completely healed. Still there are days…days when I am barely able to breathe as my mind adjusts to our current reality…waiting for a breakthrough…waiting on a miracle.

HOPE. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: “to expect something with confidence”. Confidence…? I don’t know about you but I don’t think my hope always feels confident. If you have ever prayed and waited for something for a long time, or if you are still praying and waiting, I am sure you have had times when you questioned and wondered if it would ever come to be. If you’re anything like me, you may have wondered if your wavering confidence might somehow reduce the chance God would answer your prayer as you “hope”. Sometimes I find myself thinking that if I just hope enough, believe enough, have faith enough, all my prayers for my daughter will be answered. And if I wake feeling burdened and defeated then I fear I’ve taken a few steps back in the journey of seeing my hopes realized. But does God really work like that?

Romans 15:13 says, “I pray that God, the source of HOPE, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident HOPE through the power of the Holy Spirit.” I was struck in amazement when I read this verse recently. God is our SOURCE of hope! Psalm 62:5 says, “Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my HOPE is in HIM.” It hit me like a ton of bricks. God is our SOURCE of hope and our hope is IN HIM! He is the Giver of Hope and also the Gift of Hope! We are not meant to be mustering up this hope with our own strength and effort, convincing ourselves we must hope enough or believe enough. As our source of hope, it is God who has given us the ability to hope and He wants us to place it all back in Him and His strength. He is not calling us to stand unwavering in our own strength. He is asking us to allow the Holy Spirit to bubble that hope up and let it come spilling out. THEN we will have joy and peace and confident hope! And that hope will be properly placed in the only One who can fix our messy situations, the only One who can save us: Jesus.

Sweet friends, if this speaks to your heart, I pray you release the burden of carrying the weight. Whether it be the pressure of a financial strain, the burden of loss of health, the weight of waiting for a breakthrough, whatever it is, you were never meant to carry it. This is why Jesus came! Jesus came as a baby to grow into a man to die on a cross that we might be saved and come to know God. He came to this lost and hopeless world to give us the hope and salvation we could never reach or attain ourselves. He is the embodiment of hope and all He is asking is that you place your hope into the hands of the One who created you and loves you. Let Him lighten the burden. Let Him take the strain. Let Him lift you up while you wait for the breakthrough. This Christmas, let Him give you the gift of rest. He is your hope, my friends, and He will carry you.

Love and blessings in Christ,




Jody is a wife to the most handsome man and mother of two beautiful miracles living in snowy Labrador. She loves to juggle the chaos of a full-time career while caring for her family, serving in music ministry at her church and getting out to make a snowman or two with her girls. She loves the Word of God and digging into its riches regularly with other sisters in Christ. God is good! Even in the chaos, He is good!


  1. Denika says:

    Thank you Jody my friend for sharing what God has laid on your heart for His people! Thank you for confirmation and encouragement ♥️ May the Lord continue to bless Amelia and your Family with healing, peace, joy, love and strength.

  2. Maureen Potter says:

    Dear Jody, you penned it so well! Thank you for the courage to share the honesty of your heart…. it took me back to 15 years and 8 months ago when the hope I had carried in my heart for 16 1/2 long years was realized—- I received the news of my pregnancy!!! The way you described your days were not unlike many of mine (but somehow different as well). Even now, all these years later I still marvel at HIS great love and the HOPE that only JESUS can give! When a friend shared the news of your baby girl with us when she was born and the challenges that lay ahead for each of you, I remember praying . We have never met – but to hear about your journey over these last 14 months will surely speak into many lives who are seeking for peace and strength in their lives to overcome what seems insurmountable! Be encouraged!!

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