Written by: Emily Pelley

One look at our world and the eye is overwhelmed

With the pain, the shame

Yet there is a God who is greater


We have messed things up bad

We are a society that values greed and calls charity mad

Yet there is a God who is greater


The oppression of loneliness holds so many captive

Self-driven ambition leaves no time for community, no love for humanity

Yet there is a God who is greater


In the midst of brokenness, our God sent a saviour

Where “come all” is the anthem, and “find rest” is the banner

Yes, our God is greater


Undeserved favor, unmerited blessing

We are saved by the grace of One, not the works of many

Yes, we are saved by a God who is greater


How One so great reaches down to me!

And my need is eclipsed by His presence

Jesus, You are greater!


Tonight, you need to know that there is power in the name of Jesus to break every hold

To conquer any foe- We are empowered by His spirit to go

We walk with a God who is greater


Our hearts are turned with passion that burns for none other

For a God who is a friend that sticks closer than a brother

Love for our God who is greater


Jesus, the mighty warrior that holds my hand

Jesus, the leader of angel armies who actually cares where I am

Jesus, the maker of the universe and designer of my heart


We stand in your presence, with souls filled with joy we shout

In the gathering of your people, let one cry ring out

You are greater! Jesus, you are greater!