Week FOUR: Love Prompts

Written by: Mandy Lawrence-Hill

Here we are in the LAST week of our Online Book Study — week four! I can hardly believe we are already wrapping things up here on the blog. This week we will take a closer look at chapters eleven and twelve and unpack some of our favourite concepts from both of these chapters. Next week, we will be back to our regular writing team — with a couple of brand new writers joining us. We hope you’ll stick with us.

If you flip to page 172 in your book you will see a box containing several Love Prompts. Karen starts off by saying this: “Got a minute? Grab a pen! Use any of these prompts to get you started on jotting a note, an e-mail, or a text to a loved one in your life. For some, the statement stands alone. For others, elaborate on the thought that is given. Your words are sure to bless your recipient.”

I LOVE these!!! In fact, I am going to choose one statement from each and share them with you to help you get started on your own. There are four sections with four types of people in whom to send some love. Your spouse, your child(ren), your parent, and your friend. I will include mine below.

To Nathan:
Here is what I appreciate most about you…you are generous and trust God without wavering to provide for our family. You have inspired me so much to give more and to be more generous with our resources. Your kind and generous heart is one of my favourite things about you and I am proud to be your wife.

To my children:
Being your mom has taught me…how precious life is. Having you is like wearing my heart pinned to my shirt. From bumps and bruises, casts and stitches, incubators and ventilators— you all have had one scary situation or another happen to you. I have learned during these times that I cannot make the pain or hurt go away, but I can, I have, and I will most certainly always be able to pray for you. The Lord has given each of you precious life, and I trust Him with your every breath.

To my parents:
I’m not sure if I ever told you before but thank you for…loving me. I never ever doubted that you did for a single moment of my life. You have always been for me, supported me and loved me unconditionally. I think that is the very best thing that a mom and dad can do for their child; love them. Thank you for loving me so well.

To Cindy:
You remind me of Jesus when…. I am discouraged, hurt or struggling. You not only pray without any need for details but you do not allow me to stay in those unhealthy places. You are always encouraging forward momentum and a spiritually healthy life. You truly exemplify ‘iron sharpening iron’ as the scriptures instruct and I am so thankful for you and our friendship.

Please check out those love prompts on page 172 and love on your people. Words are such a huge blessing to me personally so I get excited about the potential here to bless others in a big way.

Let’s chat:
1. Have you ever been sent a text, e-mail or Facebook message from a friend/spouse/child/parent that filled you right up with blessing? How did it make you feel?
2. Who do you plan to bless with your words today?