Week Three: PRAYER

Written by: Monique Pye

Heavenly Father,

As we complete another week of this study, help us to take in all we’ve learned and to apply it in our everyday lives. We thank you Lord for the opportunity to study your word and what it teaches, along with Keep It Shut and all of Karen’s encouraging words.

Social media is a world of its own and we can get so caught up in it! Lord I ask that instead we get caught up in your word! We are probably guilty of spending more time scrolling and commenting on social media than spending time in Scripture. Change our hearts and our focus, and help us to commit to carving out time in our busy lives to spend with you. Time spent with you in your word will help us to better communicate with others.

May we pray before we post, asking your Holy Spirit to tap on our hearts if we are tempted to post something that would not glorify you. Help us to not assume we are experts on the subject and help us to refrain from commenting at all, especially if our opinions are just opinions. It is not our intention to offend others, so Lord, let our speech be laced with grace and help us to be gracious and not negative. Help us to glorify you and not exalt our own opinions. Help us to speak the truth as it is found in Scripture and help us to answer with gentleness and respect. May our speech be pleasing to you Lord, and encouraging to others.

As we’ve studied this week about gossip, Lord, I pray that we would be convicted and I pray that you would change our hearts. Help us to be known as loyal and trustworthy, rather than a traitor. Help us to choose better who we are surrounded by and not be caught up in conflict and gossip. Your word in Romans tells us that gossip is a sin as equal to murder and greed, and wickedness. May this alone help us to realize how sinful this behavior of gossip is. May we turn away from it. We repent of our wrong and ask that your Spirit be upon us and guide us in the other direction, as we commit to gossip no more. When we get caught up, may your Spirit help us to make the choice to simply keep quiet.

“Set a guard over my mouth Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Psalm 141: 3

May we be reminded that every word spoken from our mouth is heard by you Lord, and that every thought and every word whispered is known by you. In all we say may it bring glory to you. May we care more about pleasing you than pleasing others. May we not look for approval from others and say things that they want to hear (that may be untrue) just to seek acceptance from others. Help us to remember that your approval is all that matters.

Let our words be few and may we speak the truth in love and kindness. Help us to carefully choose our words and speak truth from a loving heart!

Be with us Lord as we prepare for another week of study and help us to glorify you in all we say and do.

In your Mighty name we pray,