Week THREE: Beautifully Broken

Written by: Mandy Lawrence-Hill

“A gossip betrays a confidence so avoid anyone who talks too much.” — Proverbs 20:19

This summer I shared some exciting news in confidence with a lady I felt I could trust. My husband and I accepted a new ministry position in his hometown and were moving back ‘home’. We asked that the news be kept confidential until we told both our children and our current church family. A promise was made that this lady would not say a word — but I soon started to receive text messages from a few that she too had told our news in ‘confidence.’

At first, I was very angry. This wasn’t her news to tell, it was mine. I soon realized the part that made me the angriest was that she had betrayed my trust. I had specifically asked her to keep my news in confidence until we were able to tell a few other very important people in our lives and she simply dishonored my request.

“A gossip betrays confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.” — Proverbs 11:13

One of the number one things I have learned over my years in ministry has been that a listening ear is invaluable and a trusted friend, priceless. I make every effort to be both of those things to those God puts in my path, because I know the effect that it has on me when both of those qualities are not present in a friend. It is difficult to experience any depth with someone who talks non-stop and/or betrays your trust.

Let’s pause and have a little discussion:

  1. Have you ever been hurt by someone who betrayed your trust?
  2. How did you handle that breach of trust?

You may have noticed that I called this post, “Beautifully Broken.” I want to explain in this second part why I have given this post that title.

Admittedly, I was hurt when the person I mentioned above broke my trust. But, I chose to give my hurt to God and allow Him to heal those angry feelings toward her. When we allow God to put our brokenness back together, we still remain imperfect— but with His grace we become beautifully broken. Without God’s help we will eventually overflow those fragments of our brokenness and hurt others in the same ways we have been hurt. With God’s help and healing power we are often given beautiful opportunities to encourage and speak life into others who experience similar hurts to us.

That being said, I want so very desperately to be beautifully broken. How about you?