Written by: Cindy Morrone

Hi! I’ve come to meet with you in your personal sanctuary. I won’t be long, I know this is your sacred time and place.  I just want to know. How are you doing?  How is your time with Jesus going? Have you been able to spend this time with Him consistently? Without distraction?

If yes, so awesome, isn’t it?  I know when I’ve committed this time to my Jesus, He has never let me down.  I am more equipped for my day; at peace because I rested in His Holy Presence.

If no, do you remember our key word from the last challenge?  Grace

And press on.

In Chapter 4, Karen encourages us to, ‘turn first to prayer to process life.’ (page 63) And all throughout this chapter stresses the importance of conversations with our God.

We are better poised to process life’s troubles after petitioning God first.  I’m still learning this lesson, but the calm I feel when I get the order straight encourages me to keep on trying.” (page 63)

Keep It Shut Challenge #2

Review pages 72-77 and notice Karen’s outlined 5 steps ‘to be a little more prayer warrior and a little less prayer wimp.’ (page 73) 😊

Pick your place.  I see these steps as incremental; one building on the other.  If you are on step 1 then jump to step 2.  Or if you are already in the habit of journaling your prayers and devotions (step 3) then step it up and memorize those recorded Scriptures (step 4).  On page 75, Karen lists 10 relevant Scriptures that I am writing on my heart by memorizing.

Step 5 is for all of us.  In our sanctuaries as we read, write and memorize let’s apply our heart changes in our everyday.

And remember we are never alone.  Karen reminds us on page 77 that, “God’s Word is both powerful and practical.  Through it He will give you directives, but not without also giving you the supernatural strength to carry them out.”

Post it!  It would be so great to hear from each other.  What step are you on and how have you stepped it up to meet this challenge?