Week Two: PRAYER

Written by: Monique Pye

Heavenly Father,

We come before you today, and we thank you for this week’s teaching. We ask that you would help us to put into practice what we’ve learned and apply it in our everyday lives.

Lord, help us to live out the words of the verse in James “quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry…”

As we go about our days, may we be reminded of the key points of this week’s study. Help us to know when to not speak too much, not speak too soon, not speak without listening first, and in certain situations, not speak at all.

Lord as we interact with one another, help us to perfect the art of pause. I pray there would be an opportunity to sort out our thoughts before we let out our words. May we hold our tongues to assess the situation before pronouncing any judgement. I ask Lord, that you would help us to really listen and give careful attention to the words and feelings that others express. And may we also learn to listen to you Lord. May we not talk so much that we can’t hear you. Help us to know what we should and shouldn’t say. May we perfect the art of listening, as our tongues can’t get us into trouble if we sit quietly and really listen to what others are saying. May this bring an opportunity to ask you how to respond, and may there be a time to ask you what it is you’d like us to say instead of only expressing our own opinions. Help us to make an effort to really listen to others and may we “pause before we pounce”.

Lord, we’ve learned through these chapters, that more prayer leads to less gossip, so we commit to take time to pray more often. That in every situation and every circumstance, we will find time to quiet ourselves and pray. May we make it our priority to seek you and soak up the truths of your scripture. May we experience a calmed heart after spending time with you. A calm that helps us speak in a hushed tone, and may we not be harsh or easily angered. As we read your word, shape our hearts as it keeps us on the path of knowledge. May we know your truth and your words of instruction and may we not stray from your wise way.

As we prepare for another week of this study, I pray that we ready our hearts to receive more of your word.

I ask all these things in your Mighty name,