Ready, Get Set, and Post!!

Written by: Cindy Morrone

It’s time to get ready and set for our online book study, Keep It Shut written by Karen Ehman!! In Chapter 1, Karen writes about how to take care of our heart and our mind.

How I use my words, whether for good or for evil, can often, although not always, be traced back to the quality time I am (or am not) spending with the Lord each day, how intentional I am about investing in my relationship with him, and whether or not I am taking steps to become more like his Son, Jesus Christ.” (page 18)

What a great way to start!

Ready your place—Where do you meet with Jesus regularly?  If you don’t have a place yet; this is the time to prepare one.  Let it be somewhere you really want to spend time.  The big, comfy chair.  In the family room with pictures of your loved ones surrounding you.  It’s personal—all for you and your Jesus.

Set the time of day—What time of day do you meet regularly with Jesus?  What time works best for you? In the early morning hours?  Maybe on your lunch break?  Perhaps later in the evening just before you fall asleep.  No matter your time, let it be consistent and importantly quiet and free of distraction.  But I don’t yet meet regularly with Jesus?  What a great time to start!  One of the best things about meeting with Jesus, is that He is always available and waiting just to meet with you.

Keep it Shut, Pre-challenge:   …..And go!!  We are committed, we have our place and time, now post it!  We’d love to hear from you.  Share in the comments below and even post a picture of your own personal sanctuary!  We love seeing and hearing about your places!