Starting with Prayer…

Written by: Monique Pye

Hello everyone,

Monique Pye here, Prayer Team Leader for We Are His Daughters.

With our online study, Keep It Shut, just around the corner, I’d like to share my prayer with you before we get into it!

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you Lord, and I thank you for the team at WAHD. You have blessed this ministry as it continues to grow and reach others alike in faith. Thank you Lord for this opportunity to be able to reach out and interact with our readers through this online study. May each and every one of them be blessed by our daily devotions and through Karen’s book.

Lord, I ask before we begin, that you would prepare our hearts. That we would be open to receive your word, and through Karen’s teachings we will examine ourselves and be encouraged to make changes in our lives.

I pray for each and every person who has signed up for this study. Bless them Lord! May they be encouraged daily as they read through the book and the online posts. May this be a time to reflect on our behavior. Bring to mind things we need to work on and change in the way we interact and speak with one another. Let this be the start of a journey where we examine ourselves and learn what the Bible teaches about our speech, our communication with one another, and learning to listen.

Lord, I ask that you would be with our team writers as they prepare to share their devotions and thoughts with this community of readers. May what they bring forward be encouraging and may it bring forth the truth of your word. Give each writer clarity and may the words come easily as they write.

Lord, I lift up the Prayer Team to you. That each of us is committed to lifting up this ministry and this study in prayer daily.

Lord, I thank you for Karen Ehman, the author of Keep It Shut. Thank you that she has so graciously supported our team and has allowed and encouraged us to use her book. Bless her Lord and her teachings!

Be with all of us as we come together and begin this study. May we be intentional in spending time in your word and in prayer. Prepare our hearts, and may this study be a tool in helping us to grown in faith as we learn your example on what to say, how to say it, and when to say nothing at all. May we be confident in knowing that you are with us and that we are never alone on this journey to change.

Bless the team, the writers, and the readers,

I ask these things in your Mighty Name, AMEN!