Everyday Faith

Written by: Nathan Hill

I am sure that you find there are many voices attempting to grab your attention on a daily basis. In my life there are dozens and dozens of voices demanding my attention from the very moment I wake up in the morning—my wife, my kids, my email, people at the church, ministries I have been involved with, letters promoting the next greatest thing, my alma mater wanting more money (haven’t they received enough from my tuition!), and many others.

Therefore, I have to admit that many times I toss lots of email and snail mail without even giving it a second thought. However, there was one letter from my denomination’s International Office that caught my attention a few years ago and it has remained with me ever since. This letter was describing a new campaign that has been operating silently in the background—as it should—but holds the keys to the spiritual vitality of every Christian person.

This campaign is called “Everyday Faith” and it challenges Christians to incorporate four small practices into their routines every day in order to achieve huge results.

Here they are:

Read Every Day: We have a crisis of biblical literacy in our culture today—in our church culture I mean! What is even more puzzling for me is people who say they do not read anything at all, least of all the Bible. I know that our culture is bombarded with multi-media images and sounds and motion pictures—but we still need to read. There is a component of our consciousness that only comes alive as we process the words on a page. There is an art form of communication that only comes alive in our lives as we expose ourselves to the writing of others. So, we need to read—and we need to read the Bible. No matter how little, read the Bible every day.

Pray Every Day: This should be fairly easy because prayer is like a portable power pack, and today we like things that are portable. More then just praying on the fly, we ought to set aside even 5 minutes of God time each day to pray. It cannot be that difficult, can it? I tell the students I minister to that if nothing else take a 5-minute bathroom break in the middle of a dry class and pray while on the toilet.

Give Every Day: Be generous. Fill another’s bucket. Give away blessings to people. Buy something for someone else. Instead of looking for more of what we have, share what we have with others and reap the blessing of it coming back to us pressed down and running over. It works—but that is another blog post.

Share Every Day: Has God so impacted your life that you talk about him regularly with the people around you? I know its easy for me to talk about God at work because I work at a church. I get that—which is what makes this challenge more challenging for me than you! Start easy with softballs, telling people you will pray, or thanking God for your lunch before you eat. Share what God is doing in your life with other people—every day.

I am glad I opened that envelope that day. What I’m even more glad about is that this was not just a one-off idea—it is still running in the background and will hopefully continue to shape the way the ministers in my denomination disciple their churches.

Live your faith every day.