Through Rose Coloured Glasses

Written by: Phil Zinck

My mom loves me. And I love her.

But if we were to measure the extent of love by the expression of affection then she loves me more than I her. It’s not even close. Every time we speak she addresses me as if we hadn’t spoken for ages. When we meet (which is less often) she welcomes me with open arms, a big hug and a “love you dear”.

And when she speaks of me to others her expressions of pride in who she sees me to be is – well, frankly, a bit embarrassing. Not just because I don’t like attention but because I know me better than she, and know that I was not and am not the “perfect angel” that she portrays me to be. So we banter, which inevitably ends with me saying “mom, you gotta throw out those rose coloured glasses!” to which she replies softly, with that loving twinkle in her eye, “Never”.

To be honest, it’s kinda cool that mom feels this way toward me. What is most humbling, though, is that I know that she knows that I am human with human struggles and failings yet her heart is to look through and beyond all of that stuff and say “Never”.

You see, “Never” to mom means “I love you and accept you, regardless. You are my son who is worthy of my love and affection”.

Yet such love from a mother to her son is but a mere shadow of the love that God has for each and every one of us. Where my mom knows that I am not perfect, God knows the dark and dirty details of my imperfection that no one sees. And still His love is such that He freely offered up Himself as the living, eternal payment for our sins and failings – the perfect, eternal sacrifice, asking only that we accept this gift and live a life bringing honour and glory to Him as our Lord who has saved us from ourselves, despite ourselves. Such an amazing gift!

Does God see us through rose coloured glasses? Absolutely!!! When we accept this amazing gift He sees us through His eternal sacrifice as holy, blameless, without blemish or imperfection (Eph 5:27; Col 1:21,22), still knowing that we are often to blame when we stumble, knowing that we come with are riddled with imperfections.

Are you feeling defeated?

Your failings too egregious to be forgiven?

Take Heart!!!

For as hopeless as we may see our battle against our sinful nature and wonder if He will soon tire of us and our failings, He still sees us as His own sons and daughters, not deserving but receiving unmerited favour, unfailing love (Ps 33:18-32), as through rose coloured glasses.

Our loving Father, looking on us with a twinkle in His eye, saying “Never”.

And that is REALLY cool!!