Stay Alert!

Written by: Angela Mercer

1 Peter 5:8 Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up.

It’s been almost two years since God did a significant work in my life regarding a particular insecurity that has plagued me since I was a young girl.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. Screaming in my head for God to take every last bit of that ugly root out once and for all.

And He did.

If you’ve ever had that happen – you know. That feeling when there is an intense sense of relief and you know God just did a miracle in your life. There is such a sense of victory! And then, when you are faced with a particular situation where that insecurity rears its ugly head, all of a sudden, you realize you aren’t reacting the way you used to. It still stings but it doesn’t pain like it used to. It is the greatest feeling especially when you come to the conclusion that this is what spiritual healing and growth looks like. You’ve experienced victory over something.

I was ok with the sting. The sting reminded me of what it used to feel like. I would think “if God hadn’t healed me of this I probably would ______________ right now”. I am sure you have your own experiences to fill in that blank.

But the enemy is sneaky and he knows there are a few different ways to trip us up. So if one way doesn’t work he’ll just figure out another way to get a reaction out of you. We can be so naïve in thinking that we are “over” something. We get comfortable and then all of a sudden there it is again.

Carey Scott says it this way: “Victory doesn’t mean we’ll never struggle with insecurity again. Victory means that when we feel the knot begin to tighten, we are quicker to see it and faster to take our tangle to God.”

“…quicker to see it and faster to take our tangle to God”. That is exactly how I would describe this victory in my life. We can all too easily become discouraged when the feelings we have prayed to go away are still there. But how do we measure our growth or answered prayers? I think one way is when something happens and I realize that I am not in tears or full of anxiety – change has occurred. We need to celebrate the moments we notice our insecurities but are quick to pray and release them to God instead of getting caught up all over again!

I guess my real focus now is to not become so comfortable that I am shocked when those insecurities rear their ugly head from time to time. They will come but I will be ready for them and I’ll be quick to take them to God.