Hey Mama

Written by: Megan Kincheloe

Hey mamas. All mamas. Yes…you. God sees you. He sees those of you who work outside of the home. He sees those of you that work inside of the home. He sees the homeschooling mamas and the mamas who send their babies off to school each morning. And by babies…I mean children of all ages who will always be your ‘babies.’

He sees you through the night and from the minute you awake. He sees you desperately trying to fit in devotional time and quiet time with Him but sighing as you walk past your Bible on the way to grab your 2 minute shower. He sees you rushing to get everyone up, get lunches made, and get out the door. He sees you turning around when you are already halfway there because you did not remember piano books or soccer clothes. He sees you making doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, and vet appointments…and making sure you remember to get everyone there on time. He sees you going to work, paying the bills, and worrying about what kind of day your kiddos are having. He sees you trying to muster up enough energy to spend an hour at the gym on your lunch break only to realize you left your tennis shoes at home. He sees you coming home, fixing dinner, cleaning up the dishes, helping with homework, doing baths, reading before bed, and snuggling up to say prayers. He sees you feeding the animals, picking the dirty laundry up off of the floor, and sorting through the mail to decide which can be tossed and which you have to find time to shred. He sees you using every minute of spare time you have…which is only in the car…to call your girlfriends and family to check in on them. He sees you wanting to make your husband a priority but just being plum exhausted and not knowing how you can possibly find the time for ONE. MORE. THING. He knows your days are tough in every sense of the word. And He has made you a promise.

He says in Matthew 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

Mamas…do you know who else has it tough? Those ‘babies’ of yours. Every day they are facing new struggles in this world. They are being tempted, pressured, and bullied to do things that compromise the character you worked so hard to help them develop. They are afraid to talk to you about some of these things because in your tiredness, sometimes you react instead of taking the time to prayerfully respond. They love you to pieces but push you away the hardest because they know that no matter what, you are going to still love them. They are being pulled in 100 different directions and do not believe they can ever measure up. There is a constant battle for their precious souls and they are frightened and worried and do not know who to turn to.

They need to be able to turn to you. They need you to be praying for them every day and helping them suit up with the armor of God. They need you to speak truth to them in love and to rebuke them in love. They need you to not judge them and to extend them grace. They need you to extend yourself grace. They need you to admit when you have made a mistake and they need you to make it right.

He is trusting you to care for His children here on Earth and He knows you are just the right woman for the job…because He equipped you with everything you need to be the best mama to His children.

Mamas, you are loved. You are appreciated. You are cherished. Our God has given you the toughest job in the world and He. Sees. You.