Like a Lioness

Written by: Mandy Lawrence-Hill

Reminiscing over my journey as a mom I can think of so many blessings. My heart bursts with gratitude as I vividly remember my hearts cry for children just a few years ago; and after many years of infertility how the Lord so beautifully met my heart’s desire by blessing my husband and I with not only one, two, or three but FOUR children to make our family complete.

We have endured numerous health hardships from: troublesome pregnancies, premature deliveries, miscarriages, NICU stays with our little ones, surgeries for our little ones, and countless hospitalizations- yet looking back I can not help but see God’s faithfulness and provision over all of those situations. While during those times of trouble I couldn’t fathom (and most often times feared) what the future held; I learned over time to wholeheartedly trust the one who holds the future in the Palm of His hand.

When I think of motherhood my mind drifts to the lioness. The lioness possesses an obvious power; you know better than to mess with her precious cubs. Yet, studies have shown that a lioness at times doubts her own abilities to protect.

Cubs are usually hidden in dense bush by their Mother for approximately six weeks, at which time they are old enough to join the pride. During the six weeks the cubs rely entirely on their mother looking after them and feeding on their mothers milk. Occasionally mothers will abandon their cubs if they are unable to provide for them. Mothers must remain in top condition in order to provide for their cubs and become visibly distressed if they can not.”

While being a mother naturally brings on the ability to nurture, protect and provide for our precious blessings- we also naturally doubt our abilities; similarly to the lioness. To others looking in, our abilities as Mothers are both trustworthy and acceptable; much the same as the manner in which we view the lioness. Who knew such an amazing animal is capable of doubting her ability to care for her children?

Here’s the secret Mom’s: We are truly nothing without The Lord. It is He who equips us, empowers us and enables us for the position as Mom.

The very best Mom doesn’t worry about what’s in front of her; she is confident because she knows the very one who is behind her.

Mom’s, this Mother’s Day renew your relationship with the one who holds all of your tomorrow’s. Hand over the reigns, the control and the worry; and allow Him to be your guiding light. It will be the best decision you ever make as a Mom to trust the very one who entrusted you to your honoured role.

Bless you, Moms.