When Church Girls Meet Jesus

Written By: Emily Pelley and June Zinck

As women in our 20’s, we sisters have been reflecting on how our relationship with our mother has impacted us. We grew up in a home where creativity was encouraged- where bright nail polish, blue eye shadow, and red shoes put a smile on your face. The thinking was not to place enormous value on such silly, superficial things, but to acknowledge that God has created us each with our own flare that we need to embrace. Our happy home fostered a space for us to grow in our relationship with Jesus and to adopt the identity that God, not our culture, gives us. We are defined as daughters of the King, not slaves to our culture’s shifting standards. As women, this was a particularly profound gift that both our parents gave to us.

What usually happens as we grow is that our creative, fun-loving flare fades- whether life beats it out of us, or we let it go…often as a result of conforming to the status quo.

Our mother modelled for us what a woman of God looks like both in the church and in our community. Loving people, serving people, praying for people- pretty simple. Settling for a “normal” Christian life that consists of Sunday church attendance and no cussing, was never an option. In fact, she would repeat to us over and over- “God has more for you”. This Christian life is not about religion, but it thrives from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We remember on our bathroom door growing up that mom hung a quote which said,
“Well-behaved women rarely make history”.
While she was hardly an advocate for “bad” behaviour, she always believed God was big enough for us to be ourselves, no matter how outside the box we appeared.

Now as grown women, we can see that our outlook on life and faith has been significantly shaped by this mantra- “God has more for you”. We had the opportunity of attending the Hillsong Women’s Colour conference together in London in 2010, where God really spoke to each of us about our responsibility to the women around us- to pull them up, to speak the truth of God’s grace and love and power into their lives. We have each pursued this in our different ways, though carrying the sweet memory of how God used that moment together to empower us.

As adults, the three of us continue to speak into each other’s lives, encouraging this scandalous trust in God that no matter how outrageous or far from the norm His call may be, we are empowered daughters of the King who equips us for the task.

What has been extraordinary to see is how God took our mother’s obedience to God’s call on her life to multiply favor in both of us. This favor is not for our gain, but for the gain of God’s people- that we can draw others into this fulfilling relationship with Jesus. Remembering that God doesn’t ask for us to have a plan- He asks for us to be available.

There is an endless frontier of God’s limitless love and grace that is left for us to explore. Be encouraged today…because God has more for you.

Happy Mother’s Day, Doretta Zinck!