Old Blue

Written by: Margaret Connolly

I am a flat iron junkie. For years I struggled to tame my curly and frizzy hair. Then one day about 15 years ago my life changed when I was introduced to a ceramic flat iron …. let’s just say me and my straight hair have never looked back! One year for his birthday my husband told me he wanted me to forget the blow dryer and flat iron, get showered and head out for a hike with him. That was hard. I did it only out of true love and my desire to fulfill his birthday wish, bad hair day and all!

About a year ago my beloved blue Babyliss flat iron became difficult to use. It took a lot of wiggling and jiggling of cord to get it to turn on, and often times it wouldn’t turn on at all. I had to replace it, and replace it fast! I bought a new flat iron that did the trick, but still really missed my old blue Babyliss. Then one day in March of this year, just before our vacation to Florida, the ‘replacement’ flat iron decided that it was done too! I lovingly pulled out old blue, because of course I had kept her tucked safely in a drawer. I gently stroked her as I untangled her cord and hoped that she would muster just a little bit of life until I had a chance to again find a replacement. I was feeling kind of desperate and frizzy haired! I plugged her in without much expectation – and – would you believe it – she came on without any twisting or turning of cord! I was amazed! Here she had been for an entire year, ‘broken’ in the bottom drawer in my ensuite bathroom. And now, with just a simple connection to electricity she was fulfilling her destiny once again, like she was always meant to! I’ve been using her again almost everyday since. Sometimes I still can’t believe my luck that she came back to spend some more time with me.

The other day while straightening my hair it struck me that my blue Babyliss flat iron was a lot like God. (Sometimes, I too, am amazed at where my brain takes me.) But, here I was thinking that she was broken, I thought she was now unreliable, untrustworthy. I thought she was no longer able to help me reach my hair straightening goals, so I put her aside. Shoved her in a drawer. I knew she was there, I knew I could maybe rely on her in a desperate pinch, but that in the day to day I just didn’t feel I could depend on her anymore because she’d stopped meeting my needs. So I went out and replaced her with a cheaper, less effective flat iron. It was one that got the job done, but not in a way that truly satisfied me. I just filled the gap with the replacement.

Don’t we often shove God aside? We feel like He’s not hearing us, not ‘working for us’ anymore, not meeting the needs we feel we have. We kinda put him on the back burner – or in the bottom drawer – and replace Him with things that are somewhat effective at making us happy, but not happy in the way that He could. Given a chance, like old blue, He can whir us right up again and breathe new life where we didn’t know we even needed it. He can open our eyes to giftings, opportunities, and blessings that we didn’t realize we had. He’s not content to simply be by our side, or to be our last resort, our ‘get out of jail free’ card. He wants to be there in every moment of our days, the one we count on, the one we always rely on and find dependance in. Let God be your old blue – the one you thought stopped working on your behalf and you gave up on. Don’t give up on God and what He has planned for you. Give Him time to work out the details and you’ll be blown away by His faithfulness, His dependability and His reliability every.single.time.

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