Life on Purpose: Mighty

Written by: Emily Pelley

A few years ago, I began exploring creative writing as a way to express my ideas and my passions. This poem was the first one I wrote, and I would like to share it with you now. I hope it will encourage you this week as you resolve to live your life on purpose.

What is your dream? What is it- that passion of your heart,
The part that defines, delights and ignites you?
What miracles do you cry out for?
To see that life restored?
That broken mess, that hurt
That chasm that seems so impossible to overpass on your own

So what keeps us from asking? From pressing? From confessing?
What holds back our heart-broken cries to a God who can satisfy
Any need, desire, passion, or plee?
What stops us?
Fear? Afraid of an answer we can’t accept? Or worse…of silence

Fear of our own weakness can hold back our passion
I hear the competing chorus of voices in my head
Singing the tunes of expectations and responsibilities
And the casualties of past discrepancies that have their hold on me
Reminding me I have tried and failed before

It is here we often stop- dumfounded by the scoffers,
Living ordinary lives that in truth deny the power afforded us
Lives of half-attempts, of passionless efforts
Of doing the expected, and expecting so little from a life
Plagued by apathy

And as we stay in this comfortable place of bland Christianity
Where we’ve settled for something similar, while denying the reality
Of our great God who is mighty
We have missed the message

For we serve a God who has power to save
Who secured our victory when He walked out of the grave
And all He desires for us is to crave… Him

This revelation exposes the core of our fears- we have forgotten Whom we are serving!
We’ve put ourselves as the captains
Of this life, we control, not seeking God for direction
Believing our sin is more powerful than His resurrection

But I am no slave to sin, my past does not define this life within
Not since Christ came
He took the punishment that was in my name
And said- “Hey, this one is mine- I’ll take her place”

SO my challenge to you is to step back and consider
The picture of just Who this Saviour is
As the power and majesty of this God who is ALL MIGHTY
Captures your heart,
Your part of the story will never be the same

Because when your focus is locked on this God who is mighty
And the fear creeps back, as it always does
And the barrage of voices trying to sabotage your choices
Tries overtaking you again…

From your heart that is hidden in the cleft, in the haven
There will come a resounding response that will overshadow the fear
Over take the situation, and overcome all remaining trepidation-

Who is this King of glory? The LORD, strong and mighty, the LORD, mighty in battle!
Psalm 24:8