Give Him Room To Move

Written by: Megan Kincheloe

This morning I was driving our daughter to school and halfway there I remembered that we neglected to put her recorder in her book bag. I glanced at the clock to see if we had enough time to turn around and did a swift u-turn when I was safely and legally able. Just last weekend, we finally set the clock in the car to reflect the correct time and when our daughter realized this morning that we no longer had the six minutes of grace built in, she began to panic. I calmly told her we could not add more minutes to the clock and would just have to face the consequences if we were late. Not exceeding the speed limit (or more specifically, the 5 MPH over rule), we made it home, secured the recorder, and made it to school with three minutes to spare. I kissed her goodbye and off she hurried into school to beat the bell.

Thankfully we avoided a meltdown over the possibility of being ‘tardy.’

I left the parking lot feeling like I had run a marathon already and it was only 8:10am. I started to think about how moments like these could be avoided if we would just create space in our day. I sighed out loud when it suddenly hit me that I don’t have space for space! My schedule is packed. My brain is packed. My closet is packed. My bookcase is packed. EVERYTHING. IS. PACKED. And not in nice little boxes to take to storage. Because guess what? The storage is packed. There is absolutely no more room.

This realization was frustrating enough, but what hit me next left me in a real state of bewilderment and frankly, in a funk. Not only have I left myself no space, I have packed my life so full that I am not giving God any space to move! Are you in a place in your life where you desperately want to see what is next? You need Him to illuminate your path and guide you right to that next step? I am! I want to always give God space to move and I have literally crowded Him out. Not only that, I am so busy planning my tomorrow, I am completely missing today. Completely. And He didn’t just plan my tomorrow. He planned my today too. And yours. And we are missing it. Every precious moment.

Proverbs 19:21 states, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” (NIV)

Our heads are packed with our ‘to do’ lists, drama from the world, and just life in general and our eyes are pointed down constantly looking at our screens. We need to look up. We need to let Him work and give Him space to move. We have to make sure we remain willing participants though. But how beautiful it is to see His plan unfold. We are bound by time, space, and schedules. He is bound by nothing.

Move…so He can move.