Holy Week — Amazing Grace

Written by: Phil Zinck

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound that saved
a wretch
Like me.

Wretched. What a word.
Images of vile, evil,
Despicable ways – that’s not me!
Pitiful, Worthless, not worthy of grace or mercy;
That can’t be me!
I’m good most days, as good as can be
Yet when I stop and get
Outside of myself I see
That who I really am.

I once was lost . . .

I come by it honestly, if that matters,
From the very beginning
when the selfish act
Of one man set humanity on a hopeless track
To somewhere, nowhere, can’t get there, can’t get back.

And so I do
As all others have, trying to correct
The sins of the father by
Doing good for others because I am good.
Doing the right thing because I am good.
People love me, or if not they should
Because I want to be good.

But they don’t, and I’m not, because
it’s all about me.
There’s gotta be more, if I’m going to be free.

“. . . But now I’m found . . .”

That was me.
That could still be me,
But I choose to honour He
Who gave His life to be

My Freedom.
Because of He.
It should have been me,
Taking responsibility,
But it’s bigger, you see,
than you, than me, than we.
And so He,
One man, one time, for once and forever,
Death defeated,
My chains severed.
Forgiveness secured, Hope restored,
True life assured,
all for love.

For true love is love in spite of my weakness,
no need to impress
but to acknowledge, confess
that my life now and after rests in
Unmerited favour,
Paid with His life, the gift of our Saviour.

. . . ‘‘Twas blind but now I see.”

Such love, such mercy, Waiting to hear
the bleat of the lamb from nowhere near whose cries in darkness scream “Saviour I come!!!”
And He comes, He finds us, in compassion and care and says

“You sought Me, you found Me,
Don’t worry don’t fear”.

And so I am His, He is mine.
I’ll never truly understand how I fit His design
nor the depths of love no words can explain
but with faith in This truth I will humbly proclaim

My chains are gone, I’ve been set free,
Unending love, Amazing Grace”.


Phil thanks God everyday for His perfect life partner in Doretta Zinck and their two amazing daughters who are living their lives as young women desiring to serve Him in their own unique and special way. Forever Nova Scotian, living in Newfoundland, Phil uses his own blog to share words of encouragement, with the occasional dusting of humour http://phlipper1963.tumblr.com. He is all about the bass, donairs (as only Nova Scotia can!) and all things Leafs!