Written by: Melissa Lefevers

It’s been a week since the Kari Jobe concert. We were expectant for God to show up in a mighty way. We were grateful for the break and the time to get away with God.

In Ministry you pour so much out, that it is awesome to get poured into. It is actually more than important it is necessary. We were so excited to relax and enjoy. Having been to one or two, ok maybe three, concerts of Kari Jobe’s we knew it is no concert, but a time of worship. So with our hearts fully prepared and ready we went.

We were not disappointed at all because the Spirit showed up, and showed up in power. Yes, the Holy Spirit is always with you but His presence that night was tangible. It was so thick I felt like I could touch him. He spoke straight to my heart in worship and I let everything go and focused only on worshipping the One and Only God.

It was beautiful and everything was wonderful. My husband and I rode home talking, processing, laughing. It was a great night and he asked me a question. “What if everyone went to church every week expecting what we expected tonight? Expecting God to show up and speak, expecting him to heal their hearts, pray for each other and just flat-out show up.”

I thought about it a moment and said to him, “I do.”

He said to me, “Every time?”

I had to think about that because if I was honest with myself the answer would be no. Not every single time but most of the time. Sometimes I allow the work of the ministry to be just that work. I get caught up in what needs to be done that I forget. Forget to hope, pray and expect him to show up and show out.

I sat and thought some more and wondered what would happen if we did. My husband and I chatted about it some more and we left that concert changed. Challenging each other to always be expectant of God to show up and show out for His glory.

What would happen if we treated every single church service, quiet time, visit with friends and talk with our children as a moment where God can change things? Everything would change. We would see Jesus in everything.

What if when we went to church and the worship seemed a little off we didn’t complain? Instead we chose to sing the words of the song and meant every single word. We were expectant of God to show up in our worship even though the band seemed a little out of tune. Our hearts would change and we would see Jesus not man.

What if we went to church and instead of thinking this sermon does not pertain to me we believed scripture.
The Bible says:

Isaiah 55:11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

If we kept that in mind and went expecting God to speak anyway we would see Jesus not man. We would hear what he has to say to us and we would be expected of someones life to change because they saw Jesus.

What if we went into every situation expectant of God to intervene and show up? It would truly change everything. We would live filled to the overflowing of the Holy Spirit and we would truly understand that the Lord can and will accomplish what he wants. We would truly be looking for it and be apart of something miraculous.

Let us be a people who are expectant not looking to be entertained. Let us be a people who are expectant and hopeful. Let us be a people who know the power of God and have not just let it pass us by. Let us be a people who are expectant. I truly believe God wants to show us something we just have to be ready and open to see Him. Be expectant today and everyday.