Put Your Boots On

Written by: Melissa Lefevers

My husband and I have this movie we love—it’s called Second Hand Lions. It’s a film about a young boy who goes to live with his much older great Uncles. These two Uncles had a very adventurous life and as they got older were trying to settle into just that—being older. They still had adventures and their greatest one ended up being raising Walter.

In the opening seen of the movie Walter (all grown up) gets a phone call that his Uncles have been in a plane accident. At the close of the movie Walter heads to the farm and sees that his Uncle’s, who in their 90’s now, tried to fly an airplane through their barn. The policemen looks at Walter and says, “At least they went out with their boots on.” Walter smiles and the movie closes.

My husband loves that quote. To him, going out with your boots on means you lived. It means you didn’t just survive, it means you lived. It means no matter what came your way you put your boots on and you faced it. It means you got up in the morning ready to face the day and gave it all you had.

It’s time we all put our boots on. Why do I say this? Because I know that we face daily battles. Battles of the mind, battles with people, and battles of life in general. I know this because for me and my sweet man it has been constant.

The war has been real and it has been an all out attack from the enemy. I promise you it has come in many shapes and forms. It has come in doubts, fears, frustrations, and arguments. I know what spiritual warfare is and I know what it looks like, yet I still fall to it. I know that the enemy can’t have me because I belong to Jesus but I know he wants to do everything he can to devour me.

1 Peter 5:8 Be serious! Be alert! Your adversary the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone he can devour.

So, this morning in the middle of a discussion about something that was happening my husband said “How can we fix this?’ I said I believe the answer lies with us putting our boots on. Yes, putting our boots on and getting ready to fight. Not fight each other, not get mad about the situation, not get mad at others—but we need to be reminded of who this real enemy is. Satan.

We cannot forget that. When we are doing what God has for us and when we live our life out loud for Jesus the enemy is coming and he is going to do all he can to destroy us. He wants us so wrapped up in our situations that we miss out entirely on what God is doing in our lives. Satan is the enemy— not the situation. Satan is the enemy— not your family. Satan is the enemy. Whatever spiritual battle you are fighting remember who the real enemy is.

Now let us put our boots on. Let us pick up our armor, put it on, get our swords and fight.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the tactics of the Devil.


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