Without Rival—Week Two, Post One

Written by: Doretta Zinck

We begin our study and discussion of chapter’s three & four of Without Rival by Lisa Bevere

Hiding from our true calling is disobedience; Wow!!! For too long Christians have believed that we have a choice in serving God with full obedience. Like there’s a calling for some and “sort-of calling” for others. The truth is, what you have to contribute is valuable and may be what God has designed as the answer to someone’s problem. For many in the church, wrong teaching has kept them silenced. Generations of women have been told that meekness means not having a voice, which has resulted in our churches not empowering and releasing women to live and minister with freedom. I like how Lisa talks about coming to the table, not in arrogance but in submission to each other to fulfill God’s purposes.

Are you hiding from your calling?
What or who makes it easy for you to hide?

Proverbs 29:24 NLT says “If you assist a thief, you only hurt yourself. You are sworn to tell the truth, but you dare not testify.” Comparison is a thief of joy. That rings so true when you start comparing your life with that of someone else. What’s wrong with who you see in the mirror? Why do we let comparison rob of the joy that Jesus died to give us?

It is said that social media fosters comparison, feeding on our natural human desire to compare, covet and envy. But we are to be the people of God who try everyday to live by the Spirit of God (“… but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.“, Romans 8:6 NASB).

The truth is that we are unique, without rival and serve a God without rival. If we let the truth of The Word become ingrained in all aspects of our lives – online and offline – we create opportunities to let the testimony of our faith and the love of Jesus shine. I love that!!! Shine Lord, Shine!

Please choose one of the questions from the conversation cafe and answer it in the comment section below!

Conversation Café:

  1. Who do you compare yourself too?
  2. How has this robbed you of joy?