Without Rival— Week One, Post One

Written by: Doretta Zinck

This week we will be discussing chapters 1 & 2 from Without Rival by Lisa Bevere

Buckle up people, Lisa Bevere has brought not only a new challenge but a new way of thinking for many. The truth that you are wonderfully crafted by God to live a free and purposeful life —without anyone or anything to rival that life. Wow! Kinda makes your head spin, doesn’t it? I believe we can catch our balance and learn to live in such freedom.

I believe that being self-aware is the best tool anyone can have. To be conscious of how your words and behaviour effect others. Learning who you are, and more importantly who God says you are, develops great self-awareness.

Lisa writes of a revelation God gave her about God’s love for His children. That like parents, God doesn’t love us equally but loves each of us uniquely. I have two adult daughters and they are two very different women. I need to engage each one differently in order to nurture a heathy relationship with them. When we grasp that we are designed uniquely, therefore unrivalled, we start to walk in a deeper and more honest relationship with God. Being known on such a personal level is true intimacy.

The greatest tool we have in this life to know God, is His Word. Show me a Christian who is not in the Word and you’ll see an incomplete and unfulfilled experience. Someone who is trying to survive on less than God intended. Again a self-aware believer knows it is their lifeline to grow with our Lord. In knowing God you will gain a greater understanding of yourself.

Let’s talk, ladies! Chose one of the questions below and answer in the comment section at the end of this message. Feel free to discuss your answers amongst your sisters.

Conversation Cafe…

1. What questions does this stir in you?

2. Who does God say you are?

3. What or who are the rivals in your life?


  1. mandy@wearehisdaughters.com says:

    Since becoming a Mom—the moms that always seem to have it all together feel like my rivals. I secretly find myself wishing I had this ability or that ability, to be better mom for my children. I know that God made me uniquely and specifically to be a mom to each one of them though, so I do my best to remember that truth when those insecurities arise.

  2. Jean Marshall says:

    God’s word says that I am uniquely and wonderfully made. He knows every detail about me and Ioves me anyway.

    • mandy@wearehisdaughters.com says:

      Isn’t that just so great, Jean! That He knows everything about us (the good, the bad, the ugly) and He loves us abundantly, unconditionally and gives us good gifts!!! So thankful for such an incredible God!

  3. Carolyn M Wilson says:

    I read once that when a woman enters a room she without thinking sizes herself up with every other woman in the room. I have done this my whole life. She’s prettier, taller, younger, nicer clothes and so on… Add any type of ministry to it and I think it get worse. Now you add I need to lead like her, pray like her, love God like her, serve like her, give like her, be at everthing like her. So every woman feels like my rival. My problem, focusing on them instead of God! I am happiest when I am striving to be who God wants me to be. Sometime it takes you away from the group you want to part of. It’s so easy to follow friends to what ever they are doing and serve together. But I have been stopping and thinking lately, am I following them or God to what I should be doing. Unique should should take us on OUR journey.
    Working on it!!

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