Taste And See


FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

Do you ever feel like you’re just not getting something—that there has to be something more to a situation than you can see?

Have you ever felt that way about church? Maybe you go and you hear message after message and it just doesn’t click the way you think it should? Maybe you hear people talk about reading their Bible and you just don’t get it…

Have you heard about how scripture has transformed someone’s life and you’re wondering why that isn’t happening to you?

Can I ask you a personal question? Do you read the Bible for yourself daily or do you expect your pastor and leaders to teach it to you?

The Bible is our bread of life. We should be feeding ourselves and not expecting others to feed us. Let’s put it like this.

What would it look like if you were out and about and you had your mother spoon feeding you at the age of 35? Admittedly it would look weird, especially if you were completely capable of feeding yourself. You probably don’t have someone feed you your food on a regular basis, you do feed yourself.

At some point in your life you experienced the freedom of feeding yourself. You began to try new things because when someone is feeding you, you don’t get to choose. The same thing goes with our Bible. If we always expect the preacher and the teacher to feed us—we don’t experience it on our own. We don’t taste the freeing words and how it applies to our life. Like maybe the first time you ate a piece of cheese and a grape at the same time. Sure the grape is good on its own and so is the cheese but if you put them together it’s a totally new taste. A totally new experience.

When we open our Bible on our own and we pray and apply the scripture together we experience something incredible. We experience God speaking directly to us. We experience a personal relationship with him. We receive the courage to face the everyday things in life because we have taken the time to breathe in His Word.

We see familiar verses come to life in a way we would never have before. We see the capital letters, and the repetition of words that we never noticed previously. We see a side of God that we can’t see if we’re expecting someone else to feed us.

It is so important that we feed ourselves on the word and not always have someone do it for us. We cannot grow in our relationship with Christ if we do not spend time with him. What I get out of my reading might not be the same as what you get out of it. It’s amazing because God speaks to us each individually, personally, and intimately.

Will you “taste and see that the Lord is good.Psalm 34:8? Will you choose to see how great God is in your everyday by spending time with Him every day? Will you join me in becoming a group of ladies who pursues God with all their hearts?

I hope and pray that you will. I wish I could grab your hand and tell you that each day spent getting to know the One who loves us is so worth it. As I type these words, please know that I am praying you will be brave enough to feed yourself and truly taste and see that the Lord is good.

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  1. Mary Van Everbroeck says:

    Hi Melissa: Nice to say hello. I found this site through being invited by Mandy Lawrence-Hill to be a FB Friend. I’m very happy that I did. Melissa, your words are beautifully written and of course, True! One of the important dimensions to being human is the ability and desire to take initiative and feed our ‘souls’ in the name of Jesus and God! I look forward to learning more about you, Mandy and the gifts that this gathering of women offer women! Thank you. Mary

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