The Best You

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

It is still summer and yet like many of you—I am ready for Fall. I am ready for the seasons to change and I am ready for some relief from the hot weather. I can’t wait to see the leaves turn their beautiful shades of yellow and red,and all the wonderful food that comes along with this fun season. However, it’s not quite time yet. There are still a few days of summer left and I will have to wait for fall.

Seasons change and there are so many wonderful things wrapped up in each unique one. Adventures to be had in each season and new things to learn. Life is like that. Wrapped up in each season of life there are adventures and new things to learn. Sometimes, maybe to often, just as I am wishing for the change in the weather; we are wishing away the season of life that we are in.

I find myself in a strange season right now. I would call it the season of busyness. Adjusting after a move, adjusting to a new school for my children and adjusting to a new job for my man. We love it, but we are without a doubt in a season of busy and overwhelmed. A season of looking ahead and at the right now. Planning, dreaming, working, and loving on people.

We are doing good things and we get the chance to do it together. But there is danger in all this busy. We are exhausted— yes, exhausted. The good kind where you know what you are doing is serving a kingdom purpose but we are still tired. We used to joke all the time and say “If we are exhausted let it be because we are focusing on God’s kingdom more than anything.” Little did we know we would actually get to experience it!

The danger comes when we are so tired or busy that we are not the best we can be for ourselves or for each other. We can be a little short and snippy. We can take something the wrong way and assume incorrectly about a situation. Maybe we just don’t talk at all.

The danger is a slow fade into silence, and not living as one in our relationship. We get so wrapped up in our to do list that we forget about what matters. How do we keep ourselves from getting so worn out?


I know, your thinking, “really Melissa, that’s it? I could have told you that myself.” Yes, rest but maybe not the rest your thinking about. This season that we are in right now is hard. Getting a lot of rest is not possible. There is nothing that can come off of “our plate.”

The rest I am talking about comes from Jesus. A sabbath rest. A moment to sit back and relax and see all God is doing in your life. A time to draw away from the busy and see Him. I might not get an entire day to do this, but a couple of hours are fine. Even in the New Testament Jesus would draw away from the crowd and go pray. He would rest and talk with God. If it was good for Jesus who is the Savior of this world, how incredible it it that we too get to experience it. We would be good to follow Jesus’ example and rest.

I find that when I spend and hour or two alone where I reflect, listen, and be still with God it makes me the best me.

Jesus says in Matthew 11:28Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

He will give you all the rest you need —you just need to go to Him. This life you live, the marriage you’re in, the kids you have, your job, all the demands of life can wear you out. But, Jesus can give you rest. He wants you to come to Him, be with Him, and He will make you the best you that you can be.

When you are the best you that you can be it will show in your relationships. I challenge you today to get away, spend some time resting and see how it changes things. Your marriage will not be the best it can be if you are not the best you that you can be. Sweet friend take a break and rest today. Allow God to give you the strength you need to press on. He truly loves you and wants you to be the best you can be.