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Motivational Monday with Marisa

IMG_0015Written by: Marisa Aud

Good morning to you and Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was fabulous and that you took time to rest and enjoy the people and places you love the most! I know that Mondays typically remind us of the stresses of life, the shuffling of papers, the paying of the massive electric bills, the putting the cushions back on the chesterfield eleventy times per day, and the repetition of it all week lonnnnnng.

I don’t want you to miss another second of all that God has planned for you this week. And you know I’m all about sharing practical tips to help you start your day with a little less stress and a little more Zippity-doo-Dah. Last week, I shared about my experience and trials of finding a good alarm clock (read post from last week here). But once you jump up out of that bed, here’s what I recommend you do…

Are you ready for it?

Drink cold water.

I know, crazy right? You probably already know the benefits of drinking water on a daily basis, but there are actually so much more to it.

As soon as I’m standing on my two crazy feet that vary in size (from 7.5 to a robust size 9 if I’m completely honest), I’m downing icy-cold water. I know you’re skeptical, but in fact, it wakes me more effectively than coffee. I bet you want to know how it works so here’s the science’y part: my body has actually begun burning a few calories by the time I take that first Nordic swig by regulating the temperature of the water, which activates my metabolism naturally and flushes out any toxins left behind. Over time, this little habit can actually help me lose a couple pounds over the course of a year, without any extra effort. Hello! Who knew a cup of cold water could do all that?

The truth is that we need to be drinking half our body weight in fluid ounces of pure water each and every day. If you could knock out 16 of those ounces before you even walked out the front door each morning, wouldn’t you give it a shot?

One of the ways I love to prepare for my day is by praying throughout my morning routine. As I drink that glass of clean refreshing water makes me realize how much I have to be thankful for and pray about. I thank God for his provision in my life – not everyone has clean water to drink. I ask God to cleanse my body, mind and spirit and refresh me with His love. I ask God to use little-old, weird-footed me to bring refreshment to somebody throughout my day, to wake them, recharge them or just give them a boost.

I’m praying your week is full of wonderful surprises and that you’ll be ready and willing to see infinitely more than you had the week before!

xo Maud

Ps.//I know that there are some who cannot drink cold water first thing in the morning and probably just as many who cannot tolerate coffee on an empty stomach. Try drinking hot water if your stomach is sensitive to cold temperatures first thing in the morning or try adding lemon, honey, ginger and cinnamon to your hot water for a medicinal effect. I am not a medical professional and this is just my personal opinion and experience.I would love to hear about yours so drop a comment below!