Motivational Monday with Marisa

IMG_0015Written by: Marisa Aud

I’ve always had a turbulent relationship with my alarm clock. It’s a chore to pick the appropriate tone to wake up to. I’ve tried them all; the buzzer, the beeper, the telephone ring, but the one that stands out above them all was my Hello Kitty alarm clock; given to me on my 18th birthday while attending Bible College. I’ve always had a passion for Sanrio so naturally I fell in love with this beloved Hello Kitty alarm clock. It actually became an icon, but in the worst way possible. It never occurred to me that this particular alarm clock was working dutifully to not only wake me but also the entire dorm. To those sweet friends who suffered through this phase of my life, I regretfully apologize. You are angelic heroes and bosom friends for all time. I could have easily awoken to any other type of alarm but this particular one felt like the most practical way to start my day simply because the volume could not be adjusted from the freakishly high decibel and awoke me with such vigor that I never felt the urge to crawl back into my tiny dorm bed.

It was literally like caffeine for my ears. Unfortunately, for all who lived in the same building, it was like playing Super Mario Brothers nintendo music through a loud speaker while Dora the Explorer bid us all “GOOOOOOD MORN’ING” in the loudest cartoon voice you ever did hear. It took me an un-naturally long time to realize how frustrated this made my sweet, sweet roomies. They were beyond patient with my need for a boisterous start to my day.

As you might assume, I’ve shied away from the whole alarm clock scene since the Hello Kitty fiasco and I’ve never really found another that is quite as effective. But alarms are more than just a traditional way of waking us up in the morning, alarms have become a practical way to remind us of our routines and responsibilities. In addition to using various alarms on my smart phone to remind myself of meetings, grocery lists, prayer requests, I’m using these tools help set an evening alarm that prompts me to begin my evening wind-down time and it’s really improving the way I view sleep.

Our world has become increasingly fixated with overextending ourselves and I believe that we suffer for it. Healthy sleep cycles are a practical way for us to teach our kids about healthy routines. Part of becoming the healthiest version of myself is knowing when to begin and when to rest; when to rise up and when to back down. And just like I want to honor my body by creating healthy habits, I want to create better rhythms for my soul.

I’m praying for you this week, that you will rise up in the morning with courage and at the end of your day, may you know that while you’re resting, God is at work in you, preparing you for another great day!

xo Maud