One Thing Remains

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FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday. My husband and I have been married for thirteen years and I would love to tell you that we celebrated by taking a fancy trip or something but that is not what happened. In fact, I completely forgot.

I was folding laundry four days before our anniversary and my husband asked me “So, what do you want to do this Tuesday?” I said, “I don’t know it’s a Tuesday.” He looked at me and was shocked. Then I remembered our special day, smiled and apologized. Maybe I can get a pass because life has been extremely crazy (like more than normal crazy.) My man was a little shocked that I forgot.

Our move to Georgia has been anything but easy. We were separated for two weeks and then upon my arrival in Louisiana to gather the rest of our things and move it started raining…

…A horrible storm flooded ninety percent of the area our home was in. We watched as the waters rose and our friends evacuated. We were in our home unable to help or get back to our children. When the roads were no longer under water and we were able to leave, we were struck with many emotions. How could we leave when so many still needed help? How could we leave when there was so much to do? …And why, Lord, did you spare our home?

Our emotions and lives have been on hyper-speed for a month now. Maybe it is okay that this girl forgot for a few moments the best day of her life. The day I married my soulmate. Yes, I believe that Eric is the man God wanted just for me. We are perfect together and with each other we are better.

Have you ever gotten like that? Life gets busy, no life gets crazy. You know, more-than-usual busy where changes are happening and you are not sure if out is in, or up is down. Maybe a new job, a new home, a tragedy, a loss of a loved one, or maybe hardship in a relationship? Whatever it may be, life gets crazy and you somehow forget about the good things.

Last week I was so caught up in all that was happening around me that I did just that- I forgot about my anniversary. To be hones,t my anniversary wasn’t the only thing I was forgetting. I was forgetting to take care of him and be there for him. I was so caught up in me, I forgot about him. I forgot to consider what he was going through. He was dealing with the change and tragedy too. And lets just be honest, he is the one getting the new job with all the pressure, stress, joy and fun -not me. Sure I get to go along for the ride and we believe it’s our ministry together but the pressure of it all truly falls on him.

So as I went to bed that night feeling guilty, the Holy Spirit gently reminded me to be still. To sit and remember all the good we have together. God gently reminded me that above all else that the love we have is special. I need to love him first and then worry about my crazy self.

The Holy Spirit also reminded me that Eric was not the only one I was forgetting. I was forgetting to spend time with God. I wasn’t slowing down enough to really spend time with Him. I was not breathing in deep and giving Him my whole heart. After all, He is my first love.

I was reminded through the gentle words of the Spirit that above all else, God loves me. Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians came to mind.

And now these three things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corinthians 13:13

At the end of the day it’s about love. The love God has for us and how we express it to others. Whether it is our husband or the people we meet daily. The greatest thing we can do is love.

When life gets more than we can handle let us not forget to remain in God’s love. Be encouraged, sisters. God can handle whatever your going through.