“To Be” and not “To Do” – Keepin’ it Simple.

FaithPhil-Bio-PhotoWritten by: Phil Zinck

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” I don’t know who coined this phrase, but I’ve been using it as part of my regular re-calibration of my priorities and my relationship with God.

“The Shoulds”. That addictive attitude that derives self-value from gaining approval and praise from others through over-commitment, over-promising and (ultimately) under-delivering. The Shoulds are a cornerstone to Satan’s devious strategy to entice us with the counterfeit truth that “busy-ness with commitment” is better than “Godliness with contentment”.

And he’s doing a fantastic job at it!! With the advances in technology we are able to accomplish in a morning what would-have-been taken an 8 hour day, but instead of resting in benefits of that we fill our 8 hour day with 16 hours worth of work. Who saw that coming??

Multi-tasking at work, at home, at church. Touching everything but not doing any one thing really well. We can’t focus our efforts for too long on a single task lest we fall too far behind on everything else and sink, like a bullfrog on a lily-pad.





all with the façade of “I’m doing great, living the dream”. More like a nightmare at times if we are truly honest.
Ahh, but then there’s the church. Our sanctuary of peace and serenity, where we can focus our spirit on listening to hear God’s voice. Our shelter in a time of storm.

Until that Sunday morning when that tearful plea pours from the pulpit for Sunday School teachers, worship leaders, youth chaperones, all which – of course – we are eminently qualified for, and before we know it we are hopping like mad from lily pad to lily pad. Once again we’ve embraced the counterfeit message of Satan that a genuine relationship with God is measured by all that we do on His behalf. And even more insidious, by keeping ourselves “all about the mission” we invariably find ourselves distant and disconnected from the One who gives purpose, meaning and passion to be “on mission.”

God’s unique and individual calling on your life and mine is a delicate balance between “to do” with “to be”. Our faith is a call to action, to DO the work of a disciple of the cause of Christ in word and deed through our willingness to BE salt and light, to BE His hand extended, to BE a conduit for His light to pierce the darkness (John 1:5), underpinned by an unquenchable desire to BE in close commune with Him where The Holy Spirit restores our faith in the one, sovereign God who cares, listens and responds to those whose passion is to bring glory, honour and praise to His name in all of our “being” and “doing” (Heb 11:6).

Let’s be busy in our pursuit to know the passion behind the mission. Let’s commit to intentional quality time as times “to be” restoring our faith as we seek His face. Let’s rest in the assurance that He will show us the “do”. And let’s commit to keeping these priorities straight!!