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Motivational Monday with Marisa

IMG_0015Written by: Marisa Aud

It’s Monday! And that means we get to begin again. Whatever we were trying to accomplish, stick with or tackle for the first time, we can begin again today!

Do you ever wonder what makes healthy people want to be so … healthy? I often wonder about the people on exercise videos, were they just blessed with greater lung capacity than me? Do they ever have junk-food cravings? Do they even sweat?
There isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to Healthy Living. There are so many fabulous products on the market that supplement our unfortunate diets and help revive our relationship with exercise. But, unfortunately, there is no magic pill for getting fit, it requires a consistent and intentional action. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about healthy living it’s that you must have a ‘why’ otherwise, the obstacles will seem too great. I’ve noticed that the people who appear to be driven towards better health are the same ones who have encountered a significant health crisis and still, it requires them make a daily decision just like the rest of us.

When I was in my mid-twenties, our youngest of three kids was one. Naturally, I experienced fatigue in every fibre of my body – that’s just normal right? When everyone is saying they’re tired and exhausted all the time you think that it’s normal and mostly expected. But wouldn’t you agree with me that it is incredibly difficult to enjoy the sweet and sacred moments of motherhood when you are not feeling all that jazzy? It didn’t occur to me until after several scary moments of dozing behind the wheel (on the highway, side streets, carpool line just to name a few) that what I was experiencing wasn’t at all normal. I decided to do some research and discovered that I had all the classic symptoms of Gluten Intolerance – and shockingly have had them since I was a kid – including migraines, breakouts/rashes, constant lethargy, falling asleep in class and nasty digestive issues. I won’t lie, it was terribly difficult to give up all the lovely things that are so engrained in our culture of social gatherings; breakfast bagels, donuts, birthday cake, cookies, pasta, pizza parties, should I go on? I had to come to the decision that healing my body was more important than the carbs I was craving. Within three months I saw a reduction in my lethargy, hay-fever, migraines, indigestion and general malaise. I’ve been gluten free for over 6 years now, but it took some scary moments for me to listen to my body.

With so many health fads swirling around us how do we know where to begin? Well, if you are you lucky enough to avoid a health crisis, you can try thinking of it like paying off debt. Dave Ramsey teaches that it’s always best to pay off the smallest debts first; it builds your confidence to tackle bigger sums later and you will be able to allocate more resources towards the bigger goals as you start to see success. Start with one small change a month by assessing your current behavior. Grab a journal and take a look at your breakfast; how are you starting your day? For example, by swapping out Orange Juice made from Concentrate to Pure Orange Juice you will cut back on some significant corn syrup and additives; your body will thank you! As you begin to tweak existing routines, the draw towards healthy choices that sometimes seem like big sacrifices will being to appear more reasonable.

Allow yourself to fail! Trust me when I say that slumps in your health journey are good because they allow you to assess what is working and what is not. Failure means you’re trying so don’t hesitate to begin again today, after all, it is Monday!

xo Maud

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