Always Beginning Again

IMG_0015Written by: Marisa Aud

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to another bright & bushy Monday, because that’s just what it typically is; painfully bright and awkwardly bushy. This isn’t your first Monday of course, but it’s your first Monday with me and I’m excited for the journey we are about take.

One of my favorite things in life is getting pumped-up with people on their journey towards love, health, motherhood, and new adventures of all kinds. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not all glitter and sunshine; I can get down with the baddest of blues, but if something good is happening for you lady, you best be believin’ that I am gonna high five you all the way to the top!

Sometimes, I forget to live in the moment and celebrate the precious, beautiful, barely-there miracles – so I’m sure-as-heck not gonna let you do the same.

Cheering people on is what I love to do and here’s why; on my saddest, loneliest, crumbs-in-every-corner Monday, I would’ve loved for someone to cheer me on and tell me that I was normal, that my mothering was brilliant, and that the fight for peace was well-worth it. Also, it would not have hurt if someone would’ve reminded me that exercising does indeed make a difference and that there is, in fact, life beyond Kraft Dinner and cold chicken nuggets. Can I get an AMEN?! So why are Mondays so tough for us? Well here’s my take on it…

For those of us crawling back into office on Monday, you know that leftover-to-do list from last week is waiting for you, not to mention the myriad of emergencies that happened over the weekend.

For SAHMs (Stay at Home Mommies), Monday is the day when everything goes deafeningly silent, the laundry piles are taller than our offspring and the kids are shockingly cranky.

For those in ministry, Mondays are the day you mentally drag yourself back through your time at church; how many people did I give hugs to, who did I miss, did I pray for enough people and did my breath stink whilst doing so?
Monday is universally a difficult day.

So, what does a lady who wants to stay motivated do in the throws of the Monday doldrums?

We decide together, here and now, that Mondays from hence-forth are our opportunity to consciously and prayerfully cheer a sister on towards her weekend, her to-do list, her scary new hair cut, health plan or difficult conversation. True, we are exhausted mentally, physically, spiritually, romantically, metaphorically, aaaaand figuratively, but that just means that we are gonna require some powerful resurrection sauce; dang straight we are.

In Matthew 28, Luke 24 and John 20 we read the account of the Mary who went to visit Jesus’ tomb on the first day of week. When she arrived at the tomb there was no earthly explanation for what she saw; the stone had been rolled away! And her Savior appeared to her, but at first she didn’t even recognize Him. Mary assumed He was the Cemetery Gardener. But once Mary’s eye were opened she unofficially became the first Evangelist of the Christian Church.

How undeniably awesome is that?

If you were Mary and you found an empty tomb on Sunday wouldn’t Monday be the most exciting day of your week? The day you just couldn’t wait to get started on?

Mondays were never meant to be a burial day, friend, but a day of celebrating resurrection; you and I get a chance to begin again and spread some excitement! How awesome is that?

As His Daughters, we get to be carriers of His presence to so many who have lost sight or simply never known this mighty Resurrection power. I’m excited to challenge you every week to remember what Mondays really mean.

I want you to begin to believe with me again; that the very same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is the same power that dwells within you. Through the power of the promised Holy Spirit you are able to tear down strongholds, vain expectations, and the nagging fear of never being enough. God has good things in store for you sister.

Will you let me cheer you on as you begin your week again?
xo Maud


  1. Pauline says:

    Welcome, Marisa!!! I like this Monday perspective!!!! Thanks for encouraging us gal pals on and for the great post!!!

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