{Online Book Study} But They Make It Look So Easy

image1 2Written by: Ashley Sigrest

Our family has always enjoyed watching the Olympics. The best of the best from all around the world competing to be known as a champion. These skilled athletes make their sports look simple.

If a normal person like you and I attempted to vault like Simone Biles we would greatly injure ourselves. My oldest son tried to swim at Michael Phelps speed and immediately began gasping for air. What these athletes do isn’t just hard, it’s impossible without training.

When I first became a stay at home mom I often compared myself to two other moms I knew. Their homes were always spotless, they were constantly doing DIY projects, and they always looked stylish and put together. And this was before Pinterest was invented!

Oh how I felt like a failure! I would wear myself out trying to be like them and no matter what I did, I never measured up. I would cry and complain to my husband,

But they make it look so easy!

He comforted me and reminded me to just be myself. To focus on what I was good at and to keep trying at the things I wanted to accomplish.

The more I got to know these other moms I learned why they seemed to have it all together. One grew up sewing therefore whipping up new curtains was easy for her. The other joked about all the horrible DIY fails she had painting furniture until she found her groove. One even confessed her low self-esteem and how always wearing make-up and dressing up makes her less self-conscious. And then to my shock, one admitted how she admired the kind of mother I was. It amazed her how I always seemed to stop everything to play with or read to my boys. She couldn’t do that til everything on her list was done.

The thing is, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Even Olympic athletes. Social media can often give us the impression that others have it all together or can do everything we can’t. We have to keep our perspective in check. Social media typically just gives us the high lights.

Sometimes natural talent gives way to great accomplishments, but everything done greatly is done through perseverance and hard work. Olympians spend the majority of their lives training to compete. Those moms I mentioned, they took the time to learn how to craft and chose to work diligently to make their homes beautiful.

Comparing ourselves hurts not only our esteem, but can also damage our relationships with others. Be of good heart sweet sisters! We’re all on the same team!

We know watching the Olympics that what they’re doing isn’t simple or easy. So moms let’s keep in mind that not everything another mom can do is easy for her. If there’s something we admire in another mom let them know. Congratulate them! Then let’s ask them for advice or help if it’s something we’d like too try.

Nothing great ever comes easy.