{Online Book Study} The Bonus Bin

MandyWritten by: Mandy Lawrence-Hill

Each week I strategically plan out my grocery list. I use this super-incredible app on my phone called “Flipp” to help me get the lowest prices on the items that have worked their way to my list throughout the week. This process of “Flipping” is both exhilarating, exciting and stressful wrapped in one. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE a great deal— but those deals take time to find and not every week is as bountiful in the deal department as the last.

This week I was able to “Flipp” several items possibly marking this grocery adventure as my best yet. My greatest savings were on a gigantic box of diapers which saved my budget over twenty dollars. I was so excited by this savings I called both my husband and my parents from the van to share it with them. My excitement could not be contained.

“         …And in this book, as we reach the final phrase in Paul’s doxology on the ‘beyondness’ of God’s ability, I find myself marvelling at how God multiplies His blessings. When He moves within our lives, He doesn’t stop at doing just one miracle, at on time, in one way, for one purpose. The abundant capabilities and possibilities of God’s activity position us over the bonus bin, because He does nothing without doing a whole bunch of things at the same time.
He’s a two-for-one specialist…and then some.” Priscilla Shirer, God Is Able, (pg. 136)

Friends, our lives truly are positioned over the bonus bin. God’s outpouring, His exceedingly abundant outpouring of blessings in our lives is quite something. Take a moment and just think about the ways God has blessed you this day; this week; this month; this year. My guess is that your blessings are too vast to give an appropriate account of.

This post, however, isn’t about the many ways in which we are blessed. We have established that we are incredibly blessed by God. Instead, this post is about what we do with our blessings. Do we sit on them, keep them and our excitement about them to ourselves? Or, do we embrace every single opportunity we have (both big and small) to bestow the glory that is owed, and so desired for, to God?

Turning the glory back over to God isn’t something I have been stellar at. It hasn’t been an intentional omission. But, Priscilla has gotten my attention and I do plan to make some changes. God is so big, so great and has blessed me, protected me and saved me…on countless occasions. I have missed opportunities to give Him glory in the past, maybe you have too, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead with a new intent to embrace every blessing and every provision as a fresh opportunity to give God ALL the glory He deserves with an uncontainable excitement, as I was with the diaper deal!

After all, anything and everything God does is so much better than even the very best deal.

Now to Him…be the glory…forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:20)