{Online Book Study} In The Church

FullSizeRenderWritten by: Melissa Lefevers

Church. The world defines the Church as a building where people gather to worship. Jesus defines the church as the people who make up it up. You and I, believer, are the church- the bride of Christ.

Personally I love the people that make up the church. I long for the body of people totally sold out to giving God the glory He deserves. Going to a worship service and worshipping in spirit and in truth. Going to church and carrying each others burdens. Going to the lost- not expecting the lost to come to them. Being the hands and feet of Jesus, as we are called to be.

I love the church so much, but God loves it way more. He desires to love on His people, show off in their lives, and draw others to Him. Yes, show off and get all the glory. When He does a miracle in our lives it draws others to Himself, and to His church. I love what Priscilla Shirer writes in God is Able:
Among the many magnets that draw people to Christ are the manifold testimonies of work in the the lives of His people. His glory is meant to be shown, not just to ourselves in our living rooms, not just for our own benefit, and personal amusement, but for church wide display.

The things you and I go through have a greater purpose. There is a reason for the suffering, the loss, the ache in your heart. There is a reason God allows certain things to happen in our life. They are for Him to get the glory. Before you start seeing God in the wrong light, let us not forget the joy, love, peace and heart change we get as we learn to trust God in these circumstances. Let us not forget how much deeper our relationship with Christ gets in the process of the miracle. Yes, he wants the glory but sweet friends how humbling is it that he uses you and I to be the vessel.

…to him be the glory in the church. Ephesians 3:21

I am sure your asking, “Melissa, what does this have to do with marriage?” Everything. Maybe, just maybe, there is someone in your church who’s marriage is falling apart. Maybe there is someone in your church who’s stepping out on her man. Maybe there is someone in your church who loves her job more than her marriage. Maybe there is someone in your church who is going through a rough patch and wonders will it end.

I know there is, we are not perfect. We may pretend on a Sunday morning, but we are not. I wonder what would happen in our churches if we stopped pretending and we shared? I believe it would open the flood gates of God’s glory and redemption.

You see I was one of those ladies once. I went week after to week to church saying I was fine and on the inside I was dying. My husband and I were experiencing a very rocky time. I didn’t feel as if I could share my pain or I might be judged. The church was so pretty and I was so not. Week by week, day by day, God worked on my husband and I and we were healed. Our marriage was put back together and it is by God’s hands alone. I tell you this not so you see the hurt but that you see the Savior. You see that God can take brokenness and make it beautiful for His glory.

I tell you this so if you were like me that you can share your story. Take a sister by the hand who is struggling and walk  her through it. If you are the one struggling, please reach out, be brave and tell someone so you do not have to walk it alone. God shows up and shows off in these very circumstances.

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. Matthew 18:20

If we shared this collectively as a church, then oh how it would be a sweet sound in His ears. My testimony, your testimony could be just what someone is needing. Your testimony could be the very thing that God wants to use to show someone hope. Hope that marriage can and will be restored in His name.

Let us be a people who are being the church and not just going to church. Let us be a people who do not rob God of the glory he deserves by keeping our mouths closed. Let us be a people who gather together as one body to give Him all the Glory and praise that he deserves.