{Online Book Study} Week Three Teaching

DorettaWritten by: Doretta Zinck

This week we will be studying chapters four and five!

Chapter 4: “Transcendence”

“…exceeding abundantly beyond…”

I love this part of the verse. It’s like Paul is grasping beyond his vocabulary, trying to put words to God’s ability that is so far past our human understanding. Exceeding (very great), abundantly (in large quantities) and then, beyond (outside the physical limits or range of). Wow! See what I mean? This man knows that he can only attempt to bring a description to this part of God’s character. Whatever you know of God, be it His goodness, His provision, His wisdom, try and multiply it by the largest number you know and then maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand Paul’s feelings of inadequacy in his words.

In this chapter Priscilla puts it well; “He’s way past our way past” and “beyond our beyond.”
Lets remind ourselves of this truth when we go to the Father with our needs, wants, and dreams.

I can almost hear you say…”really, for me?” and I would answer that believing this is a journey. It takes time to wrap your head around the idea that God transcends time and space, that His ways are not our ways, and the wonderful reassurance that His plans are SO MUCH BIGGER THAN OUR DREAMS!

Discussion Questions:

  1. When is the last time you thought about your dreams?
  2. Do you believe that God’s allows things to happen in our lives for a purpose?

Chapter 5 “Totality”

“…all that we ask or think…”

I have heard people say “you don’t have to pray about the small stuff”. Well, it’s funny how what one person’s small stuff can be another’s large, overwhelming stuff. So how do we determine what we do or do not take to God in prayer??? I say “we don’t”.

Matthew 10:30 says that He counts the hairs on your head. I look at going to God with my seemingly small issues of my day as practice so that when life’s storms hit I am already in the mindset to take it to The Lord. I want to have a well worn path to my Father. Let prayer be my first response, my “go to” strategy. And in those times when, to us, our request seems too big, too hard or too crazy to take to Him, we remember the “All” in this scripture. All means all, not a part, but all you can ask or even think– and then beyond that! Wow! Help me, Lord, to think bigger! Pray bigger! Live bigger!

I love this line in the book (page 111); “the most exquisite plan for the solution you need doesn’t even begin to touch the hem of His ability.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. Think about how you pray. Is it hard for you to ask God for certain things?
  2. Do you believe He knows what you need even before you ask?
  3. When is the last time you asked for something that seemed too big?