{Ministry Mom} Mom, Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

AshleyWritten by: Ashley Sigrest

One of the easiest ways the enemy wears down a mom is to plague her with guilt. As moms we feel guilty for things we haven’t even done. Just thinking about doing something for ourselves can engulf us into feelings of doubt and worry.

We think about having a girls’ night with our friends and before we can get too excited we immediately think about all the ways our husbands won’t do things our way and shut the idea down. We desire to be healthier, but somehow rationalize that one hour at the gym childcare will cause abandonment issues for our kids.

Moms, mommas, mommies, STOP! This guilt is not from God. Especially fictional guilt. Mom guilt can be a heavy burden to carry, but Jesus said His burden is light. What you’re feeling is not from Him. Channel your inner-Elsa and LET IT GO!

I was reminded the other day that flight attendants tell us that in case of emergency, one should put on their oxygen mask first before helping others. This reason is simple. If you can’t breathe you can’t help others. Most moms have this natural nurturer inside that seeks to serve and care for others. We have somehow misconstrued the idea to mean we have to put our needs last …or never. We get so busy with serving our families and other ministries that we get overwhelmed, depressed, and covered in feelings of anxiety.

Take a deep breath sweet sister and put on your oxygen mask. Grab a coffee with a friend, take a long bubble bath, or plan that getaway with your husband. Making yourself a priority once in a while isn’t a sin. It’ll help you be a better mom!

If we allow ourselves to be burdened with mom-guilt all the time then we will never be the moms God called us to be. Our anxieties and frustrations will eventually leak over to our children. We will start losing our tempers more often, our patience will cease to exist, and exhaustion will take over in every area of our lives. We will get to a point that we are of no good to anyone because we can’t breathe. We start suffocating.

Put your oxygen mask on first.

In John 10:10 Jesus says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Being a mom doesn’t change this. Your identity isn’t found in your kids or how good of a mom you think you are. Your identity is in Christ. He wants us to live satisfied and abundant lives. To enjoy the precious blessings He has gifted us with. Don’t let the enemy steal your joy as a mom and give you a false sense of self and a false reality.

When you take time to properly care for yourself, you will be refreshed and revived to properly care for your kids. About five years ago we had to have our foundation repaired and we had to move into a small room for six weeks. My boys were 4 months, almost 3 years old, and my oldest had just turned 5. Being in that tiny room with three small kids began to suffocate me. There were days I would drop them off at my gym’s childcare for an hour or so just so I could sit outside alone and breathe.

Having that time to myself allowed me to let go of the stress I was in long enough to get back and be there for my kids during that transition. There’s a difference in putting your wants before your kids needs, but making time for yourself isn’t in that category. When you hear the enemy condemning you for taking care of yourself, tell him to leave in Jesus Name and put on your oxygen mask and breathe.